Columbus : Easton Town Ctr

Kalee Maloney

Kalee started practicing Bikram Yoga in Louisville, KY in 2009. After getting married and moving to Austin, TX, she continued to strengthen her practice daily and fell in love with Bikram Yoga - a rigorous, full-body workout AND a disciplined meditative focus on inner stillness. Living a life of constant travel alongside her husband Matt, a professional baseball player, has given her the opportunity to practice and teach in multiple Bikram studios around the country. A few of Kalee’s favorite stops on her teaching map include San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, St. Louis, Chicago, Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Seattle, Fort Myers, Naples, and NYC. Most importantly, Kalee’s goal is to stay calm, collected, and focused in the midst of a crazy baseball lifestyle where change is constant and can also present itself at any time.

As a proud Buckeye, class of 2008, Kalee worked her way through school as a personal trainer in Grandview, OH. She was dedicated to serving people and guiding them towards health and happiness. After she stopped training in 2009 to travel with Matt, Kalee felt compelled to seek out a career that would allow her to continue to share her passion for health, whole living and taking care of mind/body/spirit while accommodating the ever-changing travel schedule of the baseball life. Teaching Bikram yoga was the perfect fit as she could get certified & teach anywhere she went. Kalee committed to get certified as soon as she could so that she could share the powerful, life-changing yoga that had helped her to find peace in her own life amongst the continual flux. Kalee started teaching the day after she came home from teacher training in 2011 and has been traveling & teaching ever since in studios across the country. Kalee is dedicated serve and give to her community - wherever that might be throughout the year!

"It is my deepest and sincerest belief that we all have a responsibility to take care of one another. And that is exactly why I am teaching this yoga."