Columbus : Easton Town Ctr

Lauren Updyke

I love to move. Simple as that. I exist in two states – moving or not moving. It’s not a surprise that I make my living coaching others to do the same thing. MOVE – a lot. I coach endurance athletes of every level from the first time marathoner to a repeat Ironman finisher. It’s not luck but it’s probably serendipity that I ended up in Columbus, Ohio and now do something I never thought I could have done. If you want to learn more about my coaching and career check out
Personally I’m a potpourri of emotion, laughter, competition, and a hoarder of the spotlight. I’m a Leo so I guess that makes sense. One of the personal challenges I have dealt with in my past is severe depression and disordered eating. Yoga and the sport of triathlon helped me overcome and manage those challenges. I believe the universe gives us challenges like that so when we overcome them we can help others do the same. I’m outspoken about my past illness because many feel it’s ‘taboo’ or not normal. It happens to a lot of people, good and otherwise healthy people. I now volunteer my time at the Center for Balanced Living in Worthington, Ohio to support and help those who currently suffer from what I once did. My biggest advice for anyone suffering in any form – reach out for help, it is there.
If I had to create my own ‘manifesto’ like the lululemon athletica manifest mine would be as follows: “Move a lot. Dance in the grocery store. Sing at the top of your lungs in your car, even if the person next to you is staring. If you are having a bad day stand in the sun for 2 minutes. If the sun is nowhere to be found YouTube a stupid video. Be grateful for everything in your life including your challenges and weaknesses. Thank those in your life who love you. Laugh as much as you can. Have a pet and love it. And as my mom taught me from a young age – stand in the grass completely barefoot.”