Columbus : Easton Town Ctr

Rokki Bonner

Premiere Fitness Guru and owner of Personal Fitness Navigators, Rokki Bonner, is on the rise. Small in physical stature, this personal trainer is making some big moves. Not a newcomer to the fitness world, Rokki has been training for over 14 years in the Columbus area, as well as a being a champion natural bodybuilding competitor to include the 2006 World Games held in Canada where she brought home the silver medal. Now she is taking center stage in Columbus, Ohio.
Located in Bexley, Personal Fitness Navigators is quickly becoming the hottest fitness company in Columbus, Ohio. Rokki and her team specialize in boot camps, functional training, TRX, ViPR and vibration plate workouts in order to bring her clients the latest and most elite workouts in boutique fitness. Through a healthy, long-term fitness regimen, providing total body fitness and nutrition is Rokki’s number one goal for her clients. As a recent graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she tunes into her clients and encourages them to not only reach for optimal physical goals, but healthy fitness options for long-term results.
Motivated by her wisdom, loyal clientele, and trend-setting personality, Rokki continues to do it her way and is bringing to Columbus the “Fitness in The City” movement. She kicked off the movement with “A Sexy Way to Be Fit”; a series of workout events featuring a live DJ. In September of 2013, Rokki debuted her first “Fitness in The City Presents Columbus Strong” event in McFerson Park motivating hundreds of people to join the movement.