10k running playlist – songs to get you moving

We asked our guests on Facebook and Twitter: What songs get you moving on your runs?  You know those tunes that somehow add a little skip in your step or let you finish strong after you feel you can't go any further?

This playlist is about an hour and 15 minutes long and we recommend a lower volume when running outside so that you are alert and aware of your surroundings. A few of these songs contain explicit lyrics, we simply appreciate the beat in our feet and do not promote the ideals portrayed in the songs themselves. Hit the pavement and enjoy!

Warning: it may cause sudden outbursts of dance movements mid stride!
10k run playlist

10k running playlist

"Power" - Kanye West
Perfect warm up song. Definitely will get you moving and ready to rock.

"Fly Like a G6" - Far East Movement
This song just makes me want to move, and as much as possible. Still warming up with this song.

"Club Can't Handle Me Right Now" - Flo Rida
Great beat and perfect rhythm to find your stride.

"Commander" - Kelly Rowland
This song kind of makes me want to take on the world. Keep moving and carry on!

"Whip My Hair" - Willow Smith
Really fun song, but try not to whip your hair while running, it actually hurts...

"One" - Swedish Mafia House
Bringing the beat back up after the mellow middle of your run. Great song if you are approaching a hill and need a little push.

“Move For Me” – Kaskade
Mellow melody mixed with a funky beat. This song should remind you to work hard and keep your shoulders relaxed.

“Help I’m Alive” – Metric

Perfect for the parts of your run when you want to remain calm and comfortable.

"Waka Waka" - Shakira
Try not to sway your hips as you're running during this song, and try not to smile, because it can cause both to happen.

"Bulletproof" - La Roux
This song is all about being strong, and has the perfect beat to empower you.

"Heads Will Roll" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Has anyone ever told you that you are slow, or have you thought you're not a runner? Anyone doubting you, including yourself? Listen to this beat and these lyrics and make their heads roll with your strides.

"Time to Pretend" - MGMT
Reaching the 3/4 mark of your run, this song is not exactly relaxing, but calming.

"Clocks" - Rhythms Del Mundo
Great remix of Coldplay's original song, with a little Latin spice.

"Gold Dust" - DJ Fresh
This reminds me of a 60s diva power song, but with a modern beat and fun mix to run to.

"Only Girl" - Rihanna
Who doesn't want to feel like they're the only girl (or boy) in the world?

"Dancing On My Own" - Robyn
Awesome beat, makes you want to sing along and takes your mind off of running.

"300 Violin Orchestra" - Jorge Quintero
Perfect cool down song. You will still be working, but ready to slow down.

My favourite cold weather running outfit:

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What’s the average bpm for these songs?? They’re SO great, thanks for the fab ideas!

Comment by Kathy — October 27, 2010 @ 3:19 pm

For some reason, Arcade Fire’s “Rococo” has been getting my legs pumping these days!

Comment by Kim — October 28, 2010 @ 6:48 am

Some that I’ve been loving for my half marathon training:
-Shakira: She Wolf (try not to shake it, I dare you!)
-Destiny’s Child: Survivor (oldie but a goodie!!)
-Taio Cruz: Dynamite
-The Strokes: The Modern Age

Comment by Melissa — October 29, 2010 @ 10:11 am

Disco Pogo by Die Atzen is the best pump up song ever. German vesrion is so much better

Comment by Aimee — October 29, 2010 @ 11:37 am

Thanks i will start to use that playlist!!! :)

Comment by Denae — October 31, 2010 @ 11:27 am

I love when you guys post playlists! I’m always looking for new tunes…keep them coming!

Comment by Emily — November 6, 2010 @ 9:23 am

Black Keys – Howlin’ For You is a must!

Comment by Kris — November 15, 2010 @ 8:49 pm

The playlists in the Lululemon stores is awesome too! Love hearing Janelle Monae, Passion Pit, and LOTS of Metric!!!

Comment by Michael — November 18, 2010 @ 1:39 pm

That was great!

Comment by Paige King — December 6, 2010 @ 11:17 am

How do you burn the playlist?

Comment by Kathyrn — December 16, 2010 @ 11:04 am

Hey Kathryn,

You would have to download the songs onto your computer, create a playlist, and burn the disc using whatever program you normally use on your computer.

GEC Online Community

Comment by GEC Online Community — December 17, 2010 @ 12:43 pm

Thanks a lot for this playlist! I’ve been looking for some music to increase my motivation for running and this is great!

Comment by Meg — January 4, 2011 @ 2:53 pm

I really enjoyed this list and used it as a great source to create a list of my own with links and genre organization! I compiled 300+ songs organized across the genres of Pop, Rock, Rap, Classic Rock, and Instrumental. All songs have iTunes links so you can download easily. If you need more songs to add take a look!


Comment by Jack McPheron — December 29, 2011 @ 8:15 am

My all time favourite is Safri Duo, Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song). It never gets old! I drum the beat on my hips or thighs when I’m on the treadmill and warming up…so good!

Comment by Karen — January 26, 2012 @ 5:45 pm

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