5 tips for your first indoor cycling class

It's true, very few workouts will kick your ass like an indoor cycling class. Never been? Expect high-intensity intervals, hill climbs, potential weight work and music that is sure to pump you up out of your saddle. With different kinds of studios popping up all over the globe (think SoulCycle or Spin classes), it's essential you know these five tips before locking into your bike.

Eat a light meal one to two hours before class and arrive hydrated. If you absolutely need to eat something on your way to class, have some fruit. If you’re too full or too hungry or too thirsty you could get lightheaded or experience cramping.

…at least 15 minutes early. This isn't the kind of workout where newbies can just show up and wing it. Make the time to set up for your class properly, get in the right shoe size, change, fill your water bottle and do this next important step.

One of the main reasons for coming early is to meet your instructor. Learn his or her name and let them know it's your first class. They'll teach you how to get your seat into the correct position, lock your shoes into your bike and get you into the correct form.

We get it, your immediate urge might be to hide out in the back row to avoid any mishaps. Let go of the fear and sit in the second or third row, not only so you can hear your instructor's directions, but so she can see your form. It's important s/he is there to help you keep your shoulders back, core engaged and can tell you to take it easy if you need to.

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