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Kundalini yoga can be a little…odd. I had my first experience of the practise on a retreat in Ibiza three years ago, when, after the first 7am class of chanting, fire-breathing kriyas in an open-air, mountaintop location I was left wondering what on Earth I had signed up for. But by the end of the weekend, I couldn’t deny I felt sort of super-charged, like my spirit was truly connected to every breath I took and every word I spoke.

But it’s only since moving to New York that I’ve returned to kundalini. My good friend, the May Cause Miracles author Gabrielle Bernstein, took the teacher training earlier this year and incorporates it into her lectures, and the Sunday afternoon class at the Golden Bridge studio in Soho has become a sort of reset button to set the tone for my week ahead.

I love the way the practise makes me feel so vibrant and alive, so confident in myself. I’ve also experienced some powerful visions about areas of my life that needed healing on my kundalini mat (I actually wrote about this here).

I also like the fact you can do some of the more simple meditations any time and anywhere, to energise your body and mind or bring a moment of clarity or peace to your day. This is why it’s known as the “yoga of the householder” – meaning it’s available to anyone and everyone, at any time.

My teacher at Golden Bridge is a beautiful man named Amanbir Singh, who brings such lightness and humour to class that it’s a joy to listen to him talk. So when I decided to film a series of kundalini meditations for my website,, who better to ask?

And so the first in the series is a kundalini meditation for fall, a simple breathing technique to restore balance in times of flux. As our bodies adjust to the changing seasons, I hope it helps you on the path to equilibrium. Sat nam.

A Kundalini Meditation for Fall from The Numinous from THE NUMINOUS on Vimeo.

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Kundalini meditation is a difficult practice. You be careful with meditation.

Comment by John — October 27, 2013 @ 6:10 am

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