a weekend in wanderlust!

Here is the story of our weekend in Wanderlust, told by those who experienced the festival first hand.

Wanderlusters in full force!

day 1: molly

Waking to the Tahoe sun peering into the bedroom window, I couldn't sleep past 7am.

I was most excited to take classes from a few of the best instructors from Los Angeles. Our first class, taught by alumni lululemon Santa Monica ambassador Ashley Turner, was called “A Chakra Intensive: Into The Mystic”. Part lecture and part vinyasa flow, this class was an opportunity for us to experience the connections between the chakra energy source manifesting in our bodies.

After a few chaturangas, downdogs, and OMs, the chaos of LA life seemed to disappear and I was simply inspired by the different types of people that had decided to dedicate the weekend to their yoga practice, living in the moment, and celebrating life.

Overall, the first day was just a little taste of what was yet to come and I couldn't wait for day two.

Needless to say, practicing yoga in an open-air tent looking out into the pine tree mountains, and feeling the cool Tahoe breeze was a little different than practicing in the studio experience.

Molly is an assistant manager at our Brentwood store.

day 2: amanda

Waking up in Tahoe is a far cry from the heat and hubbub of New York City.

We all feel like super heroes in Wunder Under crops and Cool Racerbacks most days, but this morning we actually flew. Like magical elves we whipped our “Manifestation Creation Station” into a creative wonderland – piles of colourful luon, chalk pens for our inspiration board, lots of caffeine, and an extra large tub of Red Vines.

Hula hoopin' outside our Creation Station.

Natalie, our yoga designer, and I headed off to a couple yoga classes, one of which was an amazing Anusara class with New York yogi Elena Brower. When I ran into her around the Creation Station later in the day I introduced myself and said how much I enjoyed the class. I was blown away when she responded “I will never forget your smile in class as long as I live.”

Thinking of all the new friends I had made, the yoga I shared, and our creations in the village, I fell asleep that night with goosebumps dreaming of what tomorrow could bring.

Amanda is an Eastern United States regional community guru.

day 3: natalie

Getting ready to load up Vanna and head out for the day.

I woke up with the sun, bright and early Saturday morning excited for the day ahead.

After listening to design ideas and exchanging Wanderlust experiences with guests at our Creation Station, I took the bike to the meditation dome to learn more about the “Symbolism of Hindu and Buddhist Deities” from Dr. Manoj Chalam.

A sneak peek into our Creation Station.

We settled down on some cushions and got a taste of the interesting culture that surrounds yoga. I soon realized what an expansive topic this is and how much we still really don’t know. Filled with curiosity and excitement, the rest of the day seemed to fade away and ended in a very deep sleep with hopes that tomorrow I'd find more answers to the crazy world of yoga.

Natalie is one of our yoga designers in Vancouver, B.C.

last day in wanderlust: lindsay

We arrived at Kula Village just shy of 8am. The sun was shining and the village was buzzing with positive yogic energy. We headed to heaven by taking the gondola to 8,200 feet of pure bliss, also known as High Camp, for one last vinyasa flow class led by Yogalebrity Vinnie Marino.

The view from above Lake Tahoe was absolutely stunning and not a bad spot for yoga.

Yoga on top High Camp, breath taking views and an even better energy shared by all.

We came down from the view of the world and prepared ourselves for what's next- packing up our Creation Station collectibles and bidding farewell to Wanderlust.

All along the way, we connected with friends in our community and said goodbye to them all with gratitude in our hearts, thankful to share with them a generous weekend of love. Armed with new friends and filled with love, I walked away with rock hard 6 pack abs from all the laughter I shared with all those who were as lucky I to spend a weekend in Wanderlust.

Lindsay is the store manager at our Walnut Creek store.

Until next year in Wanderlust, Namaste.

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