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In a few short days, I’ll be packing up my luon and heading to Wanderlust Tahoe for four days of yoga, music and adventure. I asked some of our Tahoe-bound ambassadors (Chloe Luce, Carolyn Ann Budgell, Clara Roberts-Oss, and Eoin Finn) for tips. After hearing their answers, I may just add my Magic Bullet and a non-black travel mat to my packing list.

Wanderlust Tahoe 2010 - photo via the Wanderlust Facebook

yoga teachers not to miss

Chloe: John Friend, Sianna Sherman, Amy Ippoliti. I'm curious and excited to try Rod Stryker and Jonny Kest for the first time. And for music, don't miss Michael Franti!

Carolyn: I’m excited to hear John Friend speak, and to learn from powerful women who have kept the movement in Vinyasa yoga alive from east coast to west - such as Janet Stone, Nikki Vilella, Schuyler Grant and Shiva Rea.

Clara: I'm always thrilled to practice with my teacher Shiva Rea. I'm also stoked to be assisting my friend Twee Merrigan both Friday and Saturday mornings. I've heard great things about Rod Stryker, so I'm checking out his Shakti Vinyasa. I love Schuyler's class so I'm taking her Kula Flow.

what they're packing

Eoin: Hammocks!

Chloe: My Joy-a-Toes, toe spreaders to wake up and activate your feet. Protein powder and my Magic Bullet to make shakes after practice. Two yoga outfits for each day (prepare to sweat with daytime highs of 25-30 degrees).

Clara: Sunscreen, mini meditation cushion, yoga towel (outdoor yoga + sun = more sweat than usual), lots of spare clothing (same sweaty theory).

Carolyn: The key item in my bag will be my bikini after Vancouver’s non-summer thus far. The lululemon Travel Mat will be by my side - the lightest, stickiest mat in my short history with yoga. Traumeel and my favourite Chinese herbal ointment for sore muscles.

advice for a first-timer

Clara: A friend who went before recommended taking a light coloured mat. She took a black mat last year and said at times she had to practice in flip flops because the mat was too hot! Also, conserve your energy. Be moderate in your practice or by Saturday your energy will be nil.

weekend intentions

Chloe: To soak it all up and savour every moment. To come home relaxed and refreshed for my children. To bring home inspiration and insight for my students.

Clara: To be a student. To take in all that is being offered.

Carolyn: To indulge in my personal practice and be surrounded by inspiring women. I plan to spend equal parts sweating through asana and slowing down alongside lakes and big trees.

As for my intentions for Wanderlust: to be present, have an open mind, and share what I learn on and off the mat. I'll be posting daily Wanderlust recaps here on the lululemon blog, so if you have a tip, question or want to say hi in person, leave a comment here or reach me through the lululemon Twitter account: @lululemon.

If you’re at Tahoe for Wanderlust, the lululemon team will be out attending classes every day and we'd love to meet you - come say hi! We're also holding a goal-setting workshop on Friday and Saturday at 5 pm called Creating a Future You Love.

See you soon, Tahoe!

♥ Alana

wanderlust teachers mentioned above

John Friend
Sianna Sherman
Amy Ippoliti
Rod Stryker
Jonny Kest
Janet Stone
Nikki Vilella
Schuyler Grant
Shiva Rea
Twee Merrigan
Eoin Finn

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Wanderlust + Cali = Perfection! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures Alana :)

Comment by Alexis — July 26, 2011 @ 1:16 pm

Can’t wait to hear about the trip Alana.
For anyone who is going, Jonny Kest’s classes are the BEST!

Comment by Facebook User — July 26, 2011 @ 10:47 pm

Alana, have so much fun. I can’t wait to follow your journey! xoxox

Comment by lesia d. — July 26, 2011 @ 10:52 pm

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