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We asked some of our ambassadors to share goals they are working on in 2010 or something they're looking forward to, and here's what they responded with:

lululemon Robson St

Rob Tubajon of Endorphin Junkies personal training: to break the 1:35 half marathon barrier by the Fall Classic in November!



lululemon athletica Ala Moana

Sharlene Bliss: To be open to experience the newness of each moment.


Kate Baldwin. Looking forward to in 2010: True Union’s Teacher Training Program kicking off in the summer of 2010! It is going to be AMAZING! There is such an inspiring group of people collaborating to create and build a strong, thorough, and deeply rewarding yoga and life experience. This is the first destination Vinyasa training of its kind on the islands!!


Jill Gaspar: My goal for the next year is to help others (everyone I come into contact with) move towards lightness. To get out into the community and through teaching not only in my own community but on the other side of this island (and every where I go) that everyone can move towards grace. Away from the dark.

Todd Iacovelli: I will grow as a leader in business, service, and running.


Jayme Newhouse: One mind. One body. Live Aloha.


Erika Eberhart: I'm looking forward to staying happy and healthy in 2010 through coaching cycling and spinning, swimming, outrigger canoe paddling, and learning to stand-up paddle (SUP). Totally stoked to buy a SUP in January 2010! Happy Holidays!


lululemon Rideau Centre ambassadors

Michelle Collett: I will complete my 3rd Ironman while raising money to help stop animal cruelty in July.


Gavin Featherstone: I will complete Ironman 2010 in 13hrs in July!

Tracy Koert:

1. I will open a 2nd Moksha Yoga studio in Ottawa.
2. I will successfully complete a Half-Ironman.
Both by December, 2010.


Laurie Howe:

1. I will continue to deepen my practice.
2. I will continue my studentship/training with Anusara yoga.
3. I will ski more.
4. Always stay in beginner's mind and learn to draw on the well of patience I am told I have inside :o))


Marilyn Tan:

1. Finish the "Goofy" in January 2010, doing "10 and 1's" the entire way (half-marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday)
2. Run a 10K in 50 minutes at the Ottawa Race Weekend
3. Train at least 15 people to run the race of their choice at the Ottawa Race Weekend through the Lululemon Run Club!

Angelina Armstrong-Man (a.k.a. The Iron Angel!): I will make it into a world wide/Canadian fitness magazine to spread the word/love/fantastic benefits of Kettlebells by December 2010!


lululemon Queen St

Jess McIntyre: Career goals: raise $500,000 with Power of Movement this year, mobalizing Canadians everywhere. Yoga goal: going into headstand from widelegged forward fold. One of my life goals is to never stop learning or growing as an individual. One of the ways I would like to continue this drive forward in 2010 is to be accepted and attend business school to obtain an MBA.

lululemon Carlsbad ambassadors

Robert Budd will have his Kettlebell Journal website up and he will run his first overseas workshop in Japan.

Michael Fukumura will teach even more effectively and in more inspiring ways in both public classes and in his trainings so that students can experience and make deeper shifts in what they care about the most. From a student perspective, his goal is to assist his teacher in his trainings in Japan in April 2010.


Mike Morrison:
1. Earn and maintain a top 8 team/16 individual seed in the US and also compete on the pro world tour to make a run at future Olympic games.
2. Teach at least 500 young athletes the most effective ways to lay the muscular foundation to effectively train and compete injury free for years to come.


Dejinira Lee has had her Cycling Cert for 7 years and it's time! I will be teaching the most fun and dynamic Cycling classes in 2010.


lululemon Evanston and area

Jocelyn Davis (Chicago Halsted Alumni Ambassador): I will see 200 new clients at Akemi Fitness Method by June 30, 2010.


Lisa Weber (Evanston): I will record a meditation cd by March 1, 2010.


Lela Beem (Evanston): I will find a kirtan/yoga retreat in Costa Rica to go on for my 30th birthday by August 2010. I will be in bed by 10:30 and wake up at 6:30 and do my yoga and meditation practice in the mornings by January 1, 2010.


Luis Bracamonte (Chicago 900 N. Michigan): I will introduce the Kimera Fitness Program, an all-in-one system to give rise to the athlete in all of us, in Miami by December 2010.

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We LOVE our ambassadors at lululemon Ala Moana! They are such inspiring, upbeat, energetic people who make a huge impact in our community!

Comment by Marisa — December 24, 2009 @ 12:48 pm

Rob Tubajon is such an inspiration. He is such an encouraging and committed trainer & coach. I couldn’t have trained and completed 5 half marathons and 2 full marathons without him! Gotta love those Endorphin Junkies :)

Comment by Jen Bentall — December 26, 2009 @ 11:49 pm

It is so amazing to see all of the inspiring things lululemon ambassadors are up to all across the U.S. and Canada. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Billie — January 3, 2010 @ 1:44 pm

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