another day in wanderland

Today, on day 3 of this magical yogic journey, I decided early on that the theme of the day would be “100% Indulgence”—I mean, it is Saturday after all. To start things off on the right foot, I took a lovely twist-centric class (I freaking love twists) called “Twists and the Fluid Body” with Stephanie Sandleben of the Kula Yoga Project in NYC. Indulgent asana mission accomplished.

After class, I headed over to the Kombucha tent to have my first sampling of the festival (are you surprised I waited this long? I know I am). Um, seriously though: Best. Kombucha. Ever. I tried the jasmine flavored version and fell in love immediately. I might have to go back tomorrow for the home brew kit. Indulgent beverage mission #1 accomplished.

Then of course, it was time for my obligatory daily braid (today I switched it up and did a small french braid down the left side) from the “cool free stuff” tent. Freshly braided, I stopped at another station in the tent and made my own lavender scented DIY yoga mat spray. Indulgent beauty mission accomplished (for me and my mat).

Before heading off to my noontime Breath and Bandhas class (for a little indulgent pranayama), I decided to go big for lunch and get some veggie empanadas from the food truck I’d been eying all weekend. I really only needed 1 or 2 tide me over, but because it’s “100% Indulgence Saturday”, I got the 4 for $7.50 special, and scarfed down those delicious little things in a heartbeat, fully accomplishing my indulgent eating mission.

After empanada time and bandha work, I grabbed a soy iced chai latte (indulgent beverage mission #2) and headed over to Grace Jull’s Anatomy and Asana lecture, where my sore little chaturanga arms got a much needed break, and I learned this great song about not compressing your acetabulum.

And tonight? A little Shakti Sunfire, MC Yogi and Ziggy Marley. Just another day in Wanderland.

Our time at Wanderlust Vermont is (sadly) coming to an end tomorrow. Check back here on Tuesday for Danne's festival wrap up!

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