atlanta yogis, unite!

Like many cities, Atlanta's yoga community is diverse and spread out over multiple neighbourhoods, which doesn't always make it easy to practice together. On September 30th, we are bringing Atlanta yogis together for one big outdoor yoga class at Piedmont Park with music afterwards. Atlanta-area educator and yoga instructor Rachelle is here with details.

the atlanta yoga scene

Although I’m not quite a Georgia peach, I’m proud to call myself an Atlantan (technically an Atlanta-arean since I’m temporarily OTP, don’t judge). My absolute favourite part of this city is the yoga scene – the teachers and practitioners alike have been some of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered. Anyone who lives here will vouch for me and say the same. In our city, you can take classes from almost any yoga tradition with passionate, talented and practiced yogis.

rockstars rule our community

Take Neda Honarvar, generally badass lady known for her Metal Yoga classes. If you saw her on the street with her long dark hair and tattooed sleeves, you might not assume she’s a yogi. After one session of metal yoga & some of her tough love, you’ll find yourself rocking out arm balances and inversions like you never thought you could. Octavia Raheem’s classes have you covered when you’re in the mood for a reflective power flow, complete with mellow hip-hop vibes. She’ll push you to your limit, over the edge and keep you in plank until you sweat through the grittiness and find your bliss. Todd LaBerge’s class is perfection when you need chill West Coast energy. Don’t worry though; you’ll be rocking through vinyasas & getting your body warmed up to move powerfully through your Warrior series. In this town, there’s something for everyone.

bridge the gap, meet me on the mat

As a yoga teacher, I’ve experienced the glares of terror when I walk into a regularly scheduled class to sub. It’s no lie that we’re all just as attached to our teachers, studios & yoga communities, as we are our daily cup of coffee (or chai tea, wheatgrass shot – your choice). The real challenge then, in our city of yoga, is to push our selves outside of our boxes. Dare I challenge a Buckhead yogini to go get her sweat on in the Old Fourth Ward? Indeed, I do.

Piedmont Park, 5:30 PM: You, me and 2,000 of our closest yoga friends sun saluting at 10th & Flow.

10th & flow

10th & Flow is the biggest yoga/music/sweat fest of Atlanta's year, celebrating life, health & happiness. Neda, Todd & Octavia will lead us through a practice and then we’ll all get funky as Ganesh Giri Jaya plays into the sunset. All proceeds from the event (which is totally free!) will go to Strong4Life, an organization fighting the battle against childhood obesity.

Many of us know the definition of yoga to be “to unite”, what better place to do so than in the middle of our city? See you on September 30th at 10th: let’s flow Atlanta!

RSVP at the 10th & Flow Facebook event page and join us!

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