Meet the Contributor: Ali

Current role with lululemon: Online Product Specialist

I love the movie, “Overboard,” and seriously think Kurt Russell is totally dreamy (yes, even with the denim overalls and mullet.) I grew up in Calgary and I secretly like country music. I also really love wrapping gifts and think I could do it professionally. I really love pineapple and tropical beaches and learned to surf this year in Honolulu. Peace.

hoodie evolution

Ugh. I just finished “one of those days.” You know those days where nothing goes right and you’re left wondering if that fortune teller in Hawaii really put a curse on you? It is on these truly wretched days when I need a super-hero-strength gob of goodness. Most of the time that would mean pizza, […]

quiz: which hoodie are you?

Need some help choosing a hoodie? Ali, our Online Product Specialist, put together a quiz to help you figure out the differences and see which best suits your body and style. 1. how tall are you? a. Under 5’0 b. 5’5 or under c. 5’6 or taller 2. is your body torso: a. Short b. […]