Meet the Contributor: Allessia

Toronto is where her home is but Vancouver is where her heart is. If you’re looking for someone to laugh at your jokes (good or bad) Allessia is your girl. Standing tall at just 5 feet, Allessia has made it her personal mission to prove that good things really do come in small packages.

post-run pumpkin spice protein smoothie

From Cinderella’s carriage to the perfect canvas for crooked smiles, pumpkins have found their way into the limelight time and time again. Sydnie, our Briar Hill store manager, makes pumpkin the star of her favourite autumn post-run smoothie. She’s packed the beverage full of protein, nutrients and lots of delicious fall flavour.

lessons from 31 runs – a #mileadaymay recap

One Mile. Every day. For one month. No – it’s not a lot (or at least it didn’t seem like a lot) when our international brand coordinator, Allessia, set off on a 31-day running challenge (also known as #mileadaymay) but she ended up covering a whole lot of ground and learned a thing or two […]

how to throw an arriba-worthy cinco de mayo party

I don’t know if it was the world of Pinterest, my love affair with blogs or hearing Darcy Miller (editorial director at Martha Weddings) speak at a conference last January, but somewhere down the line I fell in love with parties. Of course, not just your average party. I’m talking the good-to-the-last-detail kind of parties […]

sweat, tears and goal setting

5:37:34 This is the time it took Kat, our junior people program manager,  to ride her borrowed steel bike from Vancouver to Whistler in her first GranFondo in 2011. 4:00:00 The time she set her sights on to complete the same grueling course in 2012. How was she going to knock an hour and 37 […]

the best of the best 2012

We’re kind of a sucker for wrap up post this time of year. It just feels so appropriate, ya know? From yoga to run to smoothies, here are some of our (and your) favourite posts from the blog over the last year. Happy New Year everyone!

merry christmas

That awesome moment when you get your CEO (Christine Day) and CFO (John Currie) to pose for a family photo… Merry Christmas from our family to yours!  

holiday stuff(ing) – week five

1. leave cookies out for Santa.Santa called. He wants his good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies back (with gluten). 2. give yourself a breakT-minus 4 days to go. The crazy is almost behind you. Take a mini meditation break to recharge or hit up your favourite yoga class. You deserve a little me-time and you’ll feel […]

holiday stuff(ing) – week four

1. lululemon christmas cocktailsWe asked superstar local cocktail bartender at Blue Water Cafe, Evelyn Chick, to create two exclusive lululemon drinks for the holiday season. If you intend to blow your guests away, serve them these unique creations: Kriya and December on 4th Ave.  SO. GOOD. 2. your official shipping reminder for online shoppingFact: online shopping revolutionized […]

holiday stuff(ing) – week three

1. organize your christmasThe Christmas List app helps you organize your holiday shopping and keep you on track. 2. gift wrap galoreThere’s just something extra special about a gift that’s wrapped with care. We’re crushing on these. 3. there’s a new ornament in town.Our recruitment manager, Jacki, dusted off her finisher medals and used them […]

overheard in yoga: gratitude

We overheard this little ditty in a yoga class a few weeks back. It gave us something to think about and we thought you might like it too. That’s all!