Meet the Contributor: Alyson S

comment faire le scorpion

  “La posture du scorpion démontre la beauté de l’équilibre entre la force et la vulnérabilité. Ça peut parfois faire peur de faire une posture inversée, mais il s’agit d’une excellente façon de changer de perspective et de s’amuser un peu. Il faut toutefois être fort pour être capable de se dresser dans cette posture, […]

make your own all-purpose cleaner

One day someone might eat a sandwich off your kitchen counter. Since that someone might be me, I wanted to make this easy for you. Experts say keeping your house clean doesn’t require weapons of mass disinfection (yes, they actually said that). Those kinds of cleaning products might even be unnecessary and concerning for our […]

5 books to help your soul search

. Let’s get real for a second… life is as much about pain, shame, break ups and break downs as it is about smiles, sunshine and rainbows. You have to appreciate contrast right? What would a high five situation feel like without a day-draining sob sesh? It’s not that we just get through hard moments, […]

how to write your 10 year vision

How many times have you heard someone say, “What the **** am I going to do with my life?” or “Is this the right path for me?” Not only is it a luxury of our time and circumstance to be overwhelmed with options and information, but searching outwardly for the answers has proven to most […]

summer mocktails

The sun’s at its highest and we all know there are no shortages of barbecues, beach parties and backyard soirees to attend this summer. If you’re taking your training to the next level, preggers, cleansing or detoxing, we say skip the booze and awkward “no, thanks” to sip one of these delightful treats actually worth making. For […]

sprouted “eggnog” smoothie

Curb your holiday hangover with this eggless eggnog smoothie that is packed full with nutrients and delicious holiday cheer. Spoiler alert – there’s no actual eggnog in it! sprouted eggnog smoothie ingredients 1 cup sprouted organic almond milk 2 frozen organic bananas, peeled and halved 1 organic date, soaked for 10 minutes 1/2 teaspoon ground […]

got (almond) milk?

It’s the freshest milk substitute leaking onto our cafe menus since soy and is flushing out yogurt from our smoothies with the promise of freedom from… just about everything. No lactose, no gluten, no casein, no soy, no cholesterol and no worries of grass-fed this or corn-fed that. Consider it a 21st century nutritional strainer, […]