Meet the Contributor: Billie

A little bit about Billie – an alumni lululemon educator.

I believe that any bad mood can be cured by chocolate or a big bowl of cereal. I am most alive in my spontaneous and courageous moments. I met my husband on in 2007 and he helped me get over my fear of the water. One of my most proud moments was in 2008 when I completed a 2.5K Open Water Swim in Lake Michigan. I was terrified for at least the first 20 minutes, but once I relaxed into my stroke it was FANTASTIC!

After graduating from university, I pursued my dream and moved to Mexico. I spent the mornings and evenings teaching English at a private language school (with a 4-hour break in the afternoon for a workout and a siesta), and my nights and weekends salsa dancing with some of the best dancers in Mexico.

I love naps, and I have an amazing ability to sleep anywhere, anytime. This was a brilliant skill to have when I was a Flight Attendant for United Airlines because I often found myself on long layovers in random airports. I wonder what the passengers in the concourse thought when they saw their safety professional sleeping on the chair next to them in full uniform.

Although flying was not an easy career, I had the opportunity to see many cities that I may have never chosen to visit had I not been a Flight Attendant. I witnessed flying salmon in Seattle, had lunch at Cheers in Boston, took the tube to a Broadway show in London, sampled schnitzel in Frankfurt, listened to the sound of the coqui in Puerto Rico, and was left stranded in the Denver International Airport numerous times.

I love talking to strangers, which is a dead giveaway to Chicagoans that I’m from up North. I grew up on 40 acres in the middle of the woods in Central Wisconsin with the Hemlock Creek literally running through our backyard. I love my job with lululemon athletica because it gives me the opportunity to talk to tons of amazing athletes, instructors, and wellness-minded individuals from all over Chicagoland.

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