Meet the Contributor: Brittany

introducing Full-On Luon

We’re always innovating and pushing the envelope when it comes to the design, fit and function of our product, and this includes innovations around Luon®. We’ve been working hard for over two years to develop a new member of our Luon® fabric family. I’m so excited to introduce you to Full-On Luon®. Our team of […]

ask britt: she’s got your answers

You’ve got questions – we see you, we hear you – Britt’s got answers. The first in a series of “Ask Britt” videos with our Lead Product Educator Britt answering your questions no matter how small, big, or weird. Check out our Facebook page and YouTube channel also for her most recent answers. Check out […]

letter to the light up cycling clothing line

Dear Light Up Cycling Line, I heart you big time. Here are the top 6 reasons why (that’s right, I couldn’t stop at 5): reflective taping 1. It may be obvious, but the reflective taping on the back is awesome. On my white jersey, you can’t even see the taping until light hits it. The […]

five things to know about the mat

Here is Brittany, lululemon’s product trainer, with the five things you need to know about The Mat: Brittany is loving her new mat! 1. It was created using the same technology as the grips on tennis racket handles. This super grippy mat means angst free downward facing dogs and warriors. 2. It’s ultra absorbent and […]