Meet the Contributor: Carolyn

Current Role with lululemon: Manager of Digital Innovation & Culture

I spend my days leading the global strategic direction and execution of all digital innovation initiatives for lululemon athletica! This pretty much means that I have the world’s funnest job. This role pushes the envelope and grows our brand through technological innovation and change. No existing or emerging digital stone is left unturned when I’m around.

I have my dream job and can’t imagine a better place to do it than at lululemon. Here I have the flexibility and support to dream big and to create amazing things each and every day.

I like giving tips, napping, ‘puting, pilates, running on the seawall, savasana, social networking, strategizing, sleeping in, web marketing, consuming social media, hot yoga & photo blogging up a storm. I enjoy short walks on long beaches and short-non-fat-half-sweet-caramel-macchiatos-with-no-whip.

For those of you that know and love StrengthsFinder, mine are: Futuristic, Achiever, Ideation, Activator & Learner.

My ten year goal is to have photo-run every single city street in Toronto.

fine desert wine (that’s not a typo)

We’re celebrating the return of colour this summer and what better way to celebrate the arrival of Grapeseed than with a bottle or three of vino. It could just be the wine talking but we think it’s a pretty sassy shade. Grapeseed, a colour and so much more. I grew up in Oliver, a little town in the South Okanagan. It’s the “Wine Capital of Canada” and its semi-arid climate produces some of the most incredible wines around. Wine is a part of who I am. My mum has been in the industry for years…

the top 10 ways i goal set

There are few things I love in life more than setting big, hairy, audacious goals … and achieving them. I’m a goal setting geek at heart, and am passionate about finding ways to integrate goal setting into my everyday life. Goal setting should be easy. It should integrate into your life with minimal effort. And […]

the world’s coolest job

There are more than a handful of people at lululemon that are sure they have the world’s coolest job. Some of us get to educate in stores all day, some travel the world on the hunt for new fitness and fashion trends, others get to host gigantic pre-run spaghetti dinners and guerrilla yoga classes for a living. Meet Liz […]

lululemon loves sweet treats

Last Sunday I was poking around our stores’ Facebook pages (my usual Sunday morning routine) and I stumbled upon an album that our Kingston, Ontario store created. It was a collection of pictures of cakes, cookies, and other lululemon themed confectionery delights! The baker, the crafter, and the cupcake eater in me thought that this […]

meet our senior merchant

Above: Carolyn, our senior merchant for mens/accessories/outerwear hits the seawall for a run. You’ve asked us to share more stories about the people that work behind the scenes here at lululemon! Today, we interviewed Carolyn, our senior merchant for mens/accessories/outerwear and asked her all our burning run questions. What gets you up in the morning? […]

introducing our store development guru

Meet Melissa! She manages to mix work and play daily at her job in Store Development. She’s regularly spotted breaking a sweat in a circuit training class, in between calls on her Blackberry (she’s attached at the hip to that thing!). Melissa is a do-er, and though I haven’t worked directly with her (yet!) she […]

office coffee taste test

This afternoon we put our lululemon office coffee to the test against the new Starbucks VIA instant coffee. Can you guess which came out on top? Sheena – very thrilled at the idea of instant coffee! Ronnh – not convinced the ‘Bucks could beat our regular office joe. Monica, our VIA chef! Time to the […]

monthly challenge: strike a pose

Above: Pink Jeans Reach to the Sky Pose and Sidewalk Jazz Hands Pose in Berkeley You’ve got three days left to enter our September Monthly Challenge! This month we challenge you to invent your own yoga pose. Yep – the sky is the limit! So far we’ve seen everything from Samosa Pose to Caesar Salad […]

meet … my boss

Above: Katherine is the Director of Ecommerce and of our Guest Education Center. She is fearless, talented, passionate and humble. She knows how to get what she wants and get things done. She’s also my boss! What is your role at lululemon? Director of Ecommerce / Guest Education Centre. What’s your favourite part of your […]

meet our recruitment consultant

Above: Ashley is our incredible Recruitment Consultant here at lululemon, and is one of the many reasons why we get to work with so many inspiring people each day. What is your role at lululemon? I am a “recruitment consultant” on the People Resources team. I hesitate to even talk about my title because I […]