Meet the Contributor: Char

Current Role: Alumni Video / Motion Intern and Educator at our Robson Street Store in Vancouver

I am five feet nothing of absolute deliciousness. “Great things come in small packages” is what they say, and there is no truer statement to describe this little tater-tot that you want to carry around in your pocket.

Old school hip-hop, funk and soul is all you’ll hear on my iPod, along with, perhaps, some original rap tracks from Char Poppa, yours truly!

I enjoy bargain hunting for stylin’ outfits, collecting copious amounts of accessories, and of course, rockin’ my stunna shades every chance the sun permits. I am an artist of many forms — I sing, I dance, I write, I craft, I photograph, I film. There is nothing more therapeutic then releasing stresses, over-thought thoughts and feelings through the naked scribblings on a page, capturing the world’s beauty through my lens, or the movement of my body to a Zapp and Roger song.

With a two and a half year background of working for lululemon athletica, with my beginnings in Vancouver and later transferring to Toronto, my experiences with the company have surely shaped my journey.

Call me a catalyst for raw emotion; may the result be laughter, tears, head nods, head shakes, smiles or frowns, whatever my spoken or written words and visuals will provoke from you, your humanness and ability to relate is what makes me feel connected to the world, and to myself.

I am a blog artist. Hear me blog.

char in my suitcase ep.07

Hittin’ the road again, Char with guest star Carmen Ip, Regional Community Guru of Eastern Canada, roll through to another surprise city and see what’s happenin. Hint: Oh Canada… Check it below! (Sidenote: Stay tuned next week for the Finale episode of Char In My Suitcase. You don’t wanna miss!) Char In My Suitcase Ep.07 from […]

char in my suitcase ep.06

Where am I?! Where’s Julia!? The question remains. All we know is, Char popped open the suitcase to find herself in an unknown city, on another coast. Might as well milk it for all it’s worth! Check out what kind of antics Char’s up to as she rips up this mystery town. Char In My […]

char in my suitcase ep.05

Super soakers and Super hot sweaty yogis. Mmm, mmm, Yogathons! Check it out in another episode of Char in My Suitcase below! Char In My Suitcase Ep.05 from lululemon athletica on Vimeo.

char in my suitcase ep.04

And you thought the notorious Vancouver Grouse Grind was hell. Try Seek The Peak 2009. Char, along with guest co-host Jenny Harnett, venture to the top of Grouse Mountain where they get in on the relay action while swatting off a fly or two. Ch-Ch-Cheeckk it below! Char In My Suitcase Ep.04 from lululemon athletica […]

char in my suitcase ep.03

In this episode of Char in My Suitcase we have Gatorade, Kenyans and 21 Kilometers of a whole lotta runnin’. Char and Julia are at it again, this time at the Scotiabank Half Marathon in Vancouver. Char also links up with Britt Kidd to hear about her experience running her first half marathon. Ch-Ch-Check it below!

char in my suitcase ep.02

In this episode of Char in My Suitcase, Char and Julia bring you the goods of what went down last Saturday at the Chip’s Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile. This is, by far, the funnest charity run in Vancouver, put on by Chip Wilson, the founder of lululemon. I leave you with four words: Char. […]

char in my suitcase ep.01

This summer I hop into a suitcase and tag along with Julia Henley, our Regional Community Guru for Western Canada, for a season of shenanigans, ambushing and just straight spreading the lululemon community looove. Catch a new episode every week here on the blog to see what they’re up to and the events that are […]