Meet the Contributor: chip

Job Title: Founder, Chief Product Designer & Chairman of the Board

Chip founded lululemon in 1998 with the mission to create components for people to live longer, healthier and more fun lives.

As founder, Chief Product Manager and Chairman of the Board of lululemon athletica, Chip influences all areas of the company.

Chip’s career in the apparel industry began with Westbeach Snowboard Ltd. in 1980. As founder and CEO of this surf/skate/snowboard clothing company until 1997, Chip gained significant experience and knowledge.

He has used this to successfully lead lululemon to its current position.

Chip holds a BA in Economics from the University of Calgary. In 2004, he was named Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year for Innovation and Marketing by Ernst & Young.

Chip maintains a healthy and active lifestyle with a regular exercise routine that consists of hiking a local mountain three times a week and seeing a personal trainer at least twice a week. Other interests include reading and staying apprised of new and emerging athletics.

Chip’s greatest accomplishment is his family. He is the proud father of five boys and is happily married to his wife Shannon.

behind old skool

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the lululemon vision

lululemon’s original vision was to be a community hub to provide our guests with knowledge, tools and the components for people to live longer, healthier and more fun lives. We wanted to be a resource of health and greatness for our guests in the communities we were in. Our vision worked when we had enough […]

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how lululemon came into being

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