Meet the Contributor: danne

Hi, I’m Danne—just Danne, not short for Danielle and pronounced like Danny. I’m a yogi, blogger, graphic designer, and educator at lululemon, currently living in Boston, MA, and originally hailing from the heart (or the bicep, depending on how you look at it) of Cape Cod.
My biggest labor of love is my blog, 12 Months of Lent, ( where I assign myself a different personal challenge to complete each month. Other than that, I’m a cat lover (I have a 15-pounder named Fanne at home), a vegetarian, and someone who’s inflicted with an insatiable case of wanderlust. I’m always seeking out new opportunities and my next big adventure.

yoga reaches out 2013

Danne works in our Natick store in Boston and also is the brains behind the incredible blog 12 Months Of Lent. She recently participated in her first yogathon. What is that, you wonder? Read on. On Sunday, April 28th, I participated in my first Yoga Reaches Out yogathon. Wait…yogawhat? That’s right — a yogathon, kind of like […]

revolution week two

If you’re just joining us, we’ve just finished the second week of the Digital 40 Days challenge – a program combining yoga, meditation, and guided questions via email and podcasts – and this week’s recap is brought to you from Danne, who you may remember as our Wanderlust Vermont scribe. meet danne name: Danne Dzenawagis […]

there’s no place like wanderlust

It’s summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, which to a lot of us means it’s the season we take our yoga mats outside. Our blogger Danne documented her adventures at Wanderlust Vermont this past weekend every day (go here, here and here in case you missed it), and we also got to experience the festival […]

another day in wanderland

Today, on day 3 of this magical yogic journey, I decided early on that the theme of the day would be “100% Indulgence”—I mean, it is Saturday after all. To start things off on the right foot, I took a lovely twist-centric class (I freaking love twists) called “Twists and the Fluid Body” with Stephanie […]

my so-called wanderlife

You know that feeling you get a few days into a good vacation where you start to forget that you actually have a life back home? That you once had responsibilities besides showing up to yoga, and that at one point in time, it wasn’t normal to be eating free Ben & Jerry’s samples after […]

you know you’re at wanderlust when…

1. You wake up in a bunk bed in a Swiss chalet (that’s still decorated for Christmas) that you’re sharing with 12 strangers/soon to be BFFs (picture the Real World for yogis). 2. The free gift that’s passed out at registration is a mala bead bracelet (they must have known that we couldn’t possibly fit […]

wanderlust vermont…live!

In just a few days, Wanderlust will be a lot more to me than just my favorite Bjork song. On Wednesday afternoon, a van full of our friendly lululemon neighbours to the north (most of whom I’ve never met, I’ll categorize this under “details my mom doesn’t need to know about”) will pick me up […]

a 30-day challenge a month challenge

And here we thought one 30-day yoga challenge was just that, a challenge. Meet Danne, a Natick, MA educator and 30-day challenger extraordinaire. Seriously – Danne’s been completing a one-month challenge (or “Lent” as she calls it) every month for the last four years.  We couldn’t help but ask her to dish the deats on […]