Meet the Contributor: Desirae

“Happy one.” “Positive.” “…a mix between a basketfull of kittens and the smell of freshly baked cookies.” Someone actually said that about me! He thought I was joking when I asked him to write it down. It was said in the library at Carleton University, because he was shocked at the amount of enthusiasm I showed for the paper we were writing. I was pleased, because I have the most fun when my enthusiasm levels can best be described as “shocking.”

Places people most often remark on my enthusiasm:

1. lululemon athletica Rideau Centre. But who wouldn’t be enthusiastic when they get to work with their best friends, wear moisture-wicking, four-way stretch clothing to work and elevate the world every day? Come on. You would be enthusiastic too!

2. Cheering for running events. I’m a big believer in running, and one of my favorite things to do is support others in their running goals! So I’ve had some great times cheering for running events in Ottawa, including home-made noisemakers, thigh-high yellow socks and, after running out of things to yell as the runners passed, screaming “WAY TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!” at passing half-marathoners. I might have injured myself from some strenuous high-kicks… but it was worth it!

3. Carleton University. When I’m here, I’m not only working towards a major goal (a Bachelor of Commerce!) but I get to run into all my friends, refuel with delicious pitas and fair-trade coffee at Rooster’s Coffeehouse, escape winter on the indoor track and learn more than I ever thought possible. Good times had by one and all!

4. Some forms of competition. As an only child, not only am I incredibly close to my mom, I also really like to win. Not as much as you’d expect with organized competition, since I’ve been known to apologize to people while on the basketball court, but get me into a game of Scattergories and you will truly be shocked by my level of energy and enthusiasm for the game. You might even be a little scared. Boggle causes a very similar reaction.

5. … to be honest, most places. If my favorite ice cream is on sale, I’ll get excited about it (Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, in case you were wondering.) If someone agrees to accompany me to a yoga class, I’m thrilled. A great song comes on the radio? I’ll bust a move wherever we are. The moral of the story is, I’m lucky enough to have a life filled with really fun stuff, which makes it pretty easy to be enthusiastic about it. It is all about choosing a positive thought, after all!

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