Meet the Contributor: Eileen

Eileen Swanson is an amabassador as well as an alumni educator at the Walnut Creek store. She is a professional triathlete, head coach for Tri California, spin instructor, triathlon coach to athletes across the nation and in Canada, and master’s swim coach at Club Sport San Ramon.

how to layer your run outfit

Elissa layering up in the Velocity Jacket Running is such a beautiful thing. With each step and each breath, you power yourself to move forward. Everyone’s run form and cadence are very different. We are all moving forward, but in a unique way. Some shuffle, some prance with short or long strides, but it’s all […]

cycling 100 miles: a recap

Eileen, both an ambassador and an educator at lululemon Walnut Creek, with her final installment on the Best Buddies 100 Mile Bike Ride. You can read her other entries on training for the challenge here: Cycling 100 Miles: Step One Cycling + Nutrition After weeks of training, I had the opportunity to join Team KCBS/KPIX […]

cycling + nutrition

In preparing for the Best Buddies Challenge 100 mile ride in 3 weeks, I have been asked by many about how and what to eat on the bike. The answer I give is pretty simple. I eat what fuels me and what settles in my stomach the best. It is all about trial and error. […]

cycling 100 miles: step one

Over the next four weeks I am going to fine-tune my cycling training for a great cause and an exciting event. I am joining the local CBS television affiliate, Team KCBS, to raise money for and participate in the Audi Best Buddies Challenge which raises money for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Each week […]

lululemon loves the biggest losers!

Recently the Biggest Loser teamed up with Tri California to complete an Olympic distance triathlon. Eileen Swanson, a lululemon ambassador and educator at our Walnut Creek store, and her husband had the amazing opportunity to work as the Biggest Loser’s coaches for this race! Read about their experiences below: Reid and I were honored to have the amazing […]