Meet the Contributor: Elim

Current Role: Photo Studio Coordinator

Elim lives by the ocean and mountains in beautiful Vancouver, BC and can be found style blogging the world around her through

She is lululemon’s first ever Photo Studio Coordinator and has goals in editorial styling. Her Big Hairy Audacious Goal: to work with Grace Coddington of VOGUE magazine.

Her interests include yoga, running, reading and of course, fashion.

wunder under challenge: day 29

Today I was challenged by my co-workers Jennie and Whitney to try and “dress up” my Wunder Under look. Whitney even suggested that I plan a date around it, which I did because I always love to get my handsome boyfriend out of the house. So after work, I’m taking my Wunder Under’s out for […]

wunder under challenge: day 28

My role as Online Product Education Guru has me running around many days with my laptop hanging off my shoulders or arms. I swore after grade 9 that I would never carry a backpack again. Today, I bought a new backpack. I had to, my back was begging me to. And with my February blogging role […]

wunder under challenge: day 27 with my pants

I was born in February but with a serious summer baby complex. Since I can’t get to summer (or make it summer), I’m going to bring summer to me! How will I do this? By plastering my body with my all time favorite color: Antidote from last spring/summer season. I swear it has happy properties […]

wunder under challenge: day 26

5 days left of the Wunder Under Challenge! This challenge is a good practice as it is preparing me for a crazy, awesome blogging extravaganza that will be happening in February! If you haven’t heard yet, my beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia is hosting an amazing event that will be an experience of a […]

wunder under challenge: day 25

Every month, I have days that I wish I could show up for work in the softest, baggiest clothes. Yes, lululemon has a pretty relaxed dress code but one should still look presentable as you NEVER know who you might have a meeting or conversation with. My solution: a flannel tunic dress paired with merino wool cardigan. […]

wunder under challenge: day 24 with my pants

I love being able to leave my house without a gym bag or purse every now and then. Bus pass, yoga pass, house keys, lip balm and my yoga mat: good to go. My lululemon pieces today: -Athletic Deep V Tank -Wunder Under Crop -Align Ultra Mat -Stretch N’go Strap

wunder under challenge: day 23

I’m off to a morning and afternoon of much needed girlfriend time. I have a group of friends who make an effort to take turns planning a monthly event. This month I planned a brunch and then pottery painting. I am looking forward to the stories and laughter we’ll be inevitably sharing. I am most […]

wunder under challenge: day 22 with my pants

TGIF everyone! What are your sweat challenge activities this weekend? My lululemon pieces today: -Wunder Under Crop -Cool Racerback -OM Stainless bottle

wunder under challenge: day 21

There was quite a bit of conversation in our stores and on our facebook page about the new All Out Tank and I had to see what the fuss is all about. It certainly is a new style that we’ve never done before. There is a shelf bra built into the tank but the feature […]

wunder under challenge: day 20

First time ever: layered my Shape jacket over my street clothes. This challenge is certainly making me more creative with my lululemon pieces. Usually the warm up jacket would’ve been stuffed into my gym bag and then making its appearance only once I was at the gym. I’m definitely going to try this more. My […]