Meet the Contributor: Elissa Joy

Elissa Joy: storyteller, professional amateur and joy scout

I am the Digital Content Storyteller and Blog Editor at our Store Support Centre in Vancouver, BC. I am an eternal optimist who lives up to my middle name. If you’re ever in Vancouver, you’re welcome to swing by my apartment. I’ll make us some tea and scones and hone my Scrabble skills on you. You better bring it.

the future sound of yoga

Some may new types of yoga classes as contamination in the yoga pool, others as evolution. We say switching up the routine and trying something new is the way to go. Yoga is like creme brulee: divine and perfect just the way it is but sometimes you just want to try that crazy new dessert, right?

pregnancy: the other marathon

Our first Digital Storyteller, Elissa, is officially on maternity leave now, appropriately, right before Mother’s Day. In her goodbye blog post, she reflects on her pregnancy so far and how the advice given to marathon runners is also apt for the 40 week experience.

kathy runs like a mother

You’re well aware that Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 8th. We’ve been excited to share this essay for weeks. Try not to tearing up after reading about Kathy’s achievement as a first-time mom and newbie runner. It was nearly impossible, like training for your first marathon in 100 degree weather.

lululemon is… chip wilson

In the beginning, there was Chip. You may have heard that he’s the man behind the manifesto, the one who got this crazy luon business off the ground. You may not have heard that he does a mean…um, what do you call that dance move, Chip?

think dan pink

Today we say hello to Citron and Pink Mist! It’s no secret that we love pink around here but you may not know about our other love – this Pink. If you haven’t checked out any of Dan Pink’s work, we strongly suggest you do. His books, his blog – everything the man touches seems to turn to gold – pink gold.

seeing tango red

Say it with us: rouge. If you’ve been around the lululemon block, you know we don’t do red often. It’s a special thing – and we consider the return of colour a very special thing. Now that we’re coming back to colour, what could be hotter than Tango Red? Nothing, as far as we’re concerned.

lululemon is… christine day

If Christine wasn’t our CEO, there’s a small chance that she’d be carrying on in the footsteps of Jacques Cousteau. As captain of the SS lululemon, she is big on people bringing all of themselves to work – talents, vulnerabilities, happy dances – the works.

yoga. sweat. run. marathon.

The Boston Marathon is practically here. Saying we’re excited about being at the world’s oldest annual marathon is a minor understatement. We’re busy talking with ambassadors, training, doing yoga and making signs for our cheer station at Heartbreak Hill. Need a little inspiration? Here you go.

the road to boston: theresa ridgway

Theresa Ridgway lives life in the fast lane. She’s the ambassador at our Newburyport, MA showroom who has run 3:04 not once, but twice. (She also was the first person to answer all our interview questions.) Theresa doesn’t do yoga for a couple of reasons – one is that it means she has to put on the brakes. Luckily for us, she slowed down enough to share a bit of her story.

lululemon is… elise riddall

We love people at lululemon. Why do we love Elise? She knows balance is a choice. She speaks as candidly about her breakdown (and breakthrough) as she does about the puppy dog calendar she gave Andy, her first love. That’s pretty balanced too, if you ask us.