Meet the Contributor: Elissa Joy

Elissa Joy: storyteller, professional amateur and joy scout

I am the Digital Content Storyteller and Blog Editor at our Store Support Centre in Vancouver, BC. I am an eternal optimist who lives up to my middle name. If you’re ever in Vancouver, you’re welcome to swing by my apartment. I’ll make us some tea and scones and hone my Scrabble skills on you. You better bring it.

the road to boston: jayna henstorf

The 2011 Boston Marathon is days away. Jayna Henstorf is another ambassador who is packing her bags to take part in the fun. She’s excited to go to Boston for a few reasons. It’s where she spent her newlywed days and it’s the home of one of her favourite brunch spots. (And who doesn’t love a good brunch spot after a marathon? We do.)

sheree’s life in black & white

The renovation clock is ticking. We’ve blacked out our online store as we move ahead with our site’s renovation. We’ve affectionately called the place “Boutique Noir” because let’s face it, it sounds better that way. To celebrate the state of affairs, we interviewed Sheree Waterson, our Executive VP of Merchandise Management. Why? You’ll see.

cherry blossom love

It’s cherry blossom season and Vancouver’s streets are busy blushing. It’s quite the sight. Make sure you get outside and enjoy the rare beauty of this time of year. Soon the trees will collect their confidence and put on their leaves.

If you’re in the DC area this weekend, stop by the Washington Monument at 10:30am for our Clarendon store’s Cherry Blossom Festival Yoga event. It’s a complimentary event and you’re all invited. If not, just make sure you get outside and breathe deeply. April is here!

the road to boston: gina dicello

Next up on the road to Boston is Gina DiCello, Rush Street ambassador and a real firecracker. We stumbled upon her blog before we met over email. Before long it became clear to us: we want to be her friend. See for yourself. You probably will too. (We’re pretty sure she’d happily have you over for dinner, share some training tips with you and send you home with a recipe.)

Read about her ridiculously large BHAG and how yoga has taken her training to new heights.

renovate your goals

You’ve probably heard that we are doing some behind-the-scenes renovations to our online store. (What? You didn’t hear? Read more about it.) We have big goals. We’ve been assessing where we’re at and the first step in making our goal a reality is re-platforming our site. (Sounds glamourous, right? It’s not.) We need to change a few things – hence, the renovation.

the road to boston: sue anne clark

The Boston Marathon is arguably the most iconic marathon. We’ll be there cheering on April 18th but in the meantime, we caught up with our Boston-bound ambassadors to get inspired before the big day. First up, Sue Anne Clark. We get along for many reasons, like the fact that when she’s not running, she’s EATING. (Yes, all caps. Her words not ours.) Sue Anne is a bit of a superhero. She has competed in over 75 triathlons – and she didn’t start logging them until she set a goal on her thirtieth birthday…

postcards from los angeles

You don’t ask questions if there’s a chance to kiss the grey goodbye and set sail for the sun. Our Creative team escaped to SoCal last weekend to capture the LA Marathon…except it rained in California and was gloriously sunny in Vancouver. (Why is Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic” coming to mind?)

“Pack your bags. You’re going to Los Angeles.” Those words are music to any Vancouverite’s ears. In March, there’s a 99% chance of finding better weather anywhere outside of the city. This weekend it was not so.

keeping it weird in austin

Heading to South by Southwest Music and Media Conference this week? We’ve mapped out the best places to eat, drink and sweat while in Austin. Borrow our supplementary SXSW itinerary – for this year or next.

how not to wear prints

“Somewhere in the world, lululemon is paying unicorns to watch ‘The Notebook’.” OK, maybe not, but it’s the funniest thing we read online this week. Say hello to our newest print: Unicorn Tears.

meet jenn on the road to her goals

   Meet Jenn, lover of marathons - literally and figuratively. We caught up with her after the latest Runner’s World photo shoot to talk goals. (She’s got plenty to say on the subject.) getting to know jenn Jenn Thiel is quickly becoming a familiar face. Not only is she an alumni ambassador at our Kitsilano store, she’s also the face (or […]