Meet the Contributor: Elissa Joy

Elissa Joy: storyteller, professional amateur and joy scout

I am the Digital Content Storyteller and Blog Editor at our Store Support Centre in Vancouver, BC. I am an eternal optimist who lives up to my middle name. If you’re ever in Vancouver, you’re welcome to swing by my apartment. I’ll make us some tea and scones and hone my Scrabble skills on you. You better bring it.

getting race ready

If you’re planning on running a marathon, you’re busy focusing on training. We’d like to take something off your plate so you can keep up the good work. Don’t worry about the details before the race - our panel of ambassadors and other seasoned runners have you covered. Here’s the plan.      two weeks out Begin the hydrating marathon. Be very intentional. Nearly everyone […]

freezing behind the scenes

Winter in Vancouver is alive and well and shows no sign of hibernating soon. We recently hit the beach to shoot April’s Runner’s World ad with Jenn, alumni ambassador, avid runner and yogi. It was freezing but her contagious sunny disposition kept us warm. (That and our down jackets and mittens. Sorry Jenn.) Here’s a sneak peek […]

it’s bliss! our energy ball taste test

With all the yoga and running that goes on around the office and at our neighbourhood stores, we get mighty hungry. Snacks that are natural, portable and delicious are always in high demand. Ever get hungry for a little healthy competition? We do. we love bliss in ball-shaped treats Many people here are either kitchen-savvy or have goals […]

pavlova: light, delicious, perfect

We eat a lot of birthday cake at the office. Almost daily, songs break out, people flock, and a decadent dessert is devoured in record time.  This week was Lesia’s turn. Nothing says “it’s that time of year again already?” like a homemade treat and a song. Pavlova is the other birthday cake in my house. (I married an Australian.) […]

(re)treat yourself: yoga retreats

Here in Vancouver, we’re in the middle of the annual long-weekend drought. We decided to see it as an opportunity to create our own mini-vacations, whether close to home or abroad. The same spirit that brought you “Happy Place Friday” is bringing you “(Re)treat Yourself,” a bevy of yoga retreats. Consider booking some vacation time soon. The long […]

bikram yoga: hot or not?

Little known fact: The Mat yoga mat doubles as a message board. Which two words have a way of starting a hot debate at our office? Easy. Bikram Yoga. The regimented practice has a way of either winning die-hard fans or strong opposition. Here’s what we’ve noticed makes people hot or cold (pun intended). the routine According […]

happy valentine’s day?

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here. (Insert sighs of anticipation or disgust here.) Our resident DJs created playlists for the lovers and the haters: one for working out, one for afterward. Each is around thirty minutes. No matter how you celebrate/avoid the holiday, you’re covered. for the lovers Work it out “If you’re a hopeless […]

happy place friday

It’s a gray Friday in Vancouver and the people behind the magic on are feeling a bit maxed. (You know the feeling, right? It’s the end of the week and your fridge is either almost empty or full of condiments.)  Real life gets hectic, my friends. The solution is not to pretend it doesn’t. The […]

post-hot class game plan

Nature’s electrolyte cocktail: water, lemon juice, salt and sugar We all know yoga does a body good but taking care of oneself doesn’t stop at “namaste”. What we do after class is just as important. We gave you a few tips in our Some Like It Hot post and after it went live, more post-class […]

blissed out with eoin finn

He’s been one of our ambassadors since the dawn of the Groove Pant. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood around him. If you haven’t experienced Eoin Finn, either in person or on DVD, you have a good thing coming. Read on. Eoin (pronounced “Ian”) Finn is not a yoga instructor – not entirely, at least. […]