Meet the Contributor: Foujan

Alumni Educator in Vaughan Mills

Long before her gig at lululemon athletica began, Foujan had a Manifesto poster up on her wall as a reminder that life is more than just a series of events.

Foujan’s passion for life and love of community, culture and creativity led her to plant her roots with lululemon athletica at Vaughan Mills in the Fall of 2008.

As her development progressed, Social media and the online community came second nature to her and it was only fitting that she took on the role of the Online Community leader at Vaughan Millls.

Yoga is her muse and her practice keeps her focused and grounded. Creativity is her outlet and you can find her merchandising, painting or sketching whenever she can. Next up on her to-do list: learning how to surf on any and every beach!

Never stay stagnant for too long, always remain a work in progress!

my first time

Do you remember what it was like to take your first yoga class? Foujan takes us back to the day where her love for yoga began. Like your first day of high school, your first kiss, your first day on a new job, or even a first date; there’s a sense of excitement, nervousness and […]

love letter to the manduka mat

Dearest Manduka Pro, I’d heard so much about you, and I’ll admit that I’ve had a crush on you from afar for quite some time; but we’d never really met until that one fateful afternoon. They told me you’d make a world of difference in my practice and that you’d stay with me forever. They […]

when you have no destination

Above is Foujan sharing her current BHAG – to become proficient in HTML by December 2009. See her discovery and where she ended up! If you have no destination, you’ll likely end up someplace else. It’s been almost a year now, and when I look back on the person I was then, and the person […]

meet the wunder under family

Pssst – the Wunder Unders in the photo above are not yet available in stores OR online! We were so excited about the new antidote colour we wanted to give you a sneak peek. Check back soon and we’ll keep you updated on their availability. There are things in life that are always constant, and […]

love letter to the expression tank

Dearest Expression Tank, I only have to glance in your direction, and you put a smile on my face! Your straps allow for full rotation of my shoulders – I don’t ever want to take you off. How perfectly you stay in synch with me. Did we know each other in a past life? You’re […]

hot and hotter yoga

Let me start by saying that I’m quite partial to this topic. Hot yoga is my absolute favourite. I crave it, I (sometimes) dread it, but I always love it. To say that hot yoga is good for you is an understatement. Though it may feel unbearable at times, hot yoga offers unique health benefits […]

drink water, even if you’re not thirsty

When I was 15, I learned what it meant to be dehydrated. We were at a school event – an overnight sports marathon affectionately termed the ‘Marafun’ – and my hands ballooned to the size of ski-gloves. Now, if you saw my hands to begin with, you’d know they’re rather small, perhaps even freakishly small. […]

yoga in unchartered waters

Step outside your comfort zone – whatever that means to you.

my love affair with the yoga teachers of the world

Above: Lori, one of our favorite yoga teachers! Thanks for helping us find our breath. It began a few years back when I was searching for some sort of physical outlet that didn’t include hitting the completely packed gym, on the University of Western Ontario campus, 5 days a week. Not to say that the […]

why we love this: game day jacket

Above: We love the Game Day Jacket so much, we wanted to give you a full 360 view! I often sulked at the idea of having to springerize/summerize my wardrobe; to put all my winter clothes aside and bring my spring/summer clothes to the forefront. So when the Game Day Jacket came in, I was […]