Meet the Contributor: Foujan

Alumni Educator in Vaughan Mills

Long before her gig at lululemon athletica began, Foujan had a Manifesto poster up on her wall as a reminder that life is more than just a series of events.

Foujan’s passion for life and love of community, culture and creativity led her to plant her roots with lululemon athletica at Vaughan Mills in the Fall of 2008.

As her development progressed, Social media and the online community came second nature to her and it was only fitting that she took on the role of the Online Community leader at Vaughan Millls.

Yoga is her muse and her practice keeps her focused and grounded. Creativity is her outlet and you can find her merchandising, painting or sketching whenever she can. Next up on her to-do list: learning how to surf on any and every beach!

Never stay stagnant for too long, always remain a work in progress!

yoga is not mine

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