Meet the Contributor: Janice

Janice Chan is currently the Regional Community Guru for Eastern Canada. Joining the team just over two years ago, Janice comes from a health & wellness background and is currently pursuing her passion in communications and marketing.

Born & raised in suburbia Toronto, she is an expert on the morning commute, nuclear families & pizza deliveries. Janice has recently relocated into the heart of the Big Smoke, where you can now catch her taking in the sights, sounds & good food found in the city. She enjoys coffee, football, live music, and the Goonies. Her favourite words are “ajar” (what gets better than combining two separate words to form a new meaning?) & “pamplemousse” (based on its definition & pronunciation).

Her next challenge comes in completing her first half marathon & learning to play the guitar. Join Janice in her journey & meet the people & activities that help her along the way!

a dream vs a goal

“The difference between a dream and a goal is an action plan.” I read that quote somewhere a few months ago and it has stuck with me. We’re in a society filled with big dreams. The difference between a dream remaining a dream and actually achieving your goals is doing what you can to make […]

sweat once a day… even on vacation

I just returned from a week-long vacation on the west coast. Relaxing? Of course. Interesting? Always. Hot? Definitely! How convenient that I was escaping the rarity of rain in Toronto to be greeted by record-breaking heat in Vancouver and Seattle. While I had no problem leaving my email and work behind, I found it difficult […]

global mala

Autumn: my favourite season of the year. The combination of falling leaves, crisp weather, and sweatshirts brings warmth to my heart. Another reason I like autumn? Global Mala. This is an event that marks this seasonal transition, appropriately taking place on the weekend of the Fall Equinox. In the international yoga community, Global Mala is […]

hot yoga 101

Above: Lindsay keeps cool in a pair of Boogie On Shorts and a Power Y Tank. Adding heat to certain things introduces an element of fun: popcorn kernels, a relationship, even the yoga room! My first hot yoga class was not what I expected and I felt muscles the next day I didn’t know I […]

dating the power y tank

From the gym to the yoga studio, I’ve worn my fair share of sports tops. I have scoured near and far for the perfect top to sweat in. Flashback 1992 – my awesome hot pink leotard. 1996 – as my style matured, I flirted with t-shirts and tank tops. 2003 – my type of top […]

what are you most proud of?

My first interview at lululemon athletica was in early October 2006. Sitting across from me were two confident and friendly women. They asked me a few questions that I expected from an interview, quickly skimmed through my written goals and jotted a few notes down when I replied. I wasn’t sure what they were looking […]

creative bra cup uses

After two and a half years here at lululemon athletica, my favourite feature found in our garments is removable cups – those pear-shaped inserts that are part of the built in bra of a tank top or just a sports bra itself. Hidden in between our nylon Lycra luon and powermesh, these cups are perfect […]

try something new

Through a friendly email chain, I took my umpteenth online personality quiz last week (admit it, you’ve taken one too). One question that often pops up is “Would you rather try new things, or stick to what you know works well?” For years, I’ve usually checked the box “try new things”. I love the exciting […]

see you on the flip side

Above: Our lululemon race volunteers and cheer squad keep the energy high! Usually on race day, I’d get up early to eat a small breakfast, get dressed, and get stretched for the kilometres ahead. Yesterday, I woke up earlier than usual on race day, but with none of the same concerns that I would normally have as […]

research in motion

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