Meet the Contributor: Jenna K

Job Title: GEC educator and Alumni Educator (Whistler, BC)

Jenna is originally from Adelaide, Australia, but has been living in Canada for the last two years. She worked at the Whistler lululemon for the past year and considers those probably the two best decisions she has ever made!

At lululemon she refined her passion for goal setting, sharing and building her on as well as helping to develop those of her co-workers.

Jenna’s current biggest life goal by far is to become a published writer, and was so thrilled to see lululemon was interested in setting up a network of bloggers. Ultimately she is aiming to take her creative passions and love for writing to be a writer for Blizzard Entertainment.

Read more from Jenna below:

getting out of a goals rut

Goals are the paving we lay down to follow to the life we truly want. But what happens when we have the path laid ahead, yet fail to move forward? I recently found myself in this situation and was disheartened by the fact. Sitting down with my goal sheet in front of me, I set […]

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Get excited, yogis and Twitter enthusiasts! We are bringing online offline and mixing our passion for yoga with social media. lululemon and YYoga will be hosting our first ever tweet up in Vancouver this Saturday! When: February 20th at 10:30pm Where: YYoga Flow at 888 Burrard What: Complimentary yoga, snacks, pin trading, tunes by an […]

ivivva launch

Fun. Vibrant. Rockin’. Energetic. Mix them up, mash them all together and add some extra funk and it doesn’t even come close to the amazing dance party opening celebration ivivva athletica put on. This day was awaited by many who had been longing for a girl’s line of athletic wear as a younger sister brand […]

book review: the power of now

Having not read a spiritual book before, I was somewhat reluctant when I received this book in the post. The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle challenged me a lot, not just wording wise, but mentally and emotionally and I ended the book being more aware and responsible of my actions and reactions. I like […]

‘should’-free diet: you deserve it!

Why you deserve to take the word ‘should’ out of your vocabulary.

create possibilities today

Meet Jenna on the left, an amazing blogger and educator here at lululemon. Read her story of how she came to lululemon and why she is loving it today! “So what do you do?” Such a common and automatic question when meeting someone new. “I’m in retail,” I answer, but always felt compelled to add, […]

see yourself in a new light

For any of you who are single, for any of you who are married, for anyone out there who wishes to have a timeless love, read on. We put such an importance on love: falling in love, finding the one, someone to complete us and so on. We seek love, importance and satisfaction from everything […]

heathered charcoal: the new black

Heathered charcoal is the new black, and here’s why!

face the fear

Above: Ronnh, our Multimedia Developer, about to bite the bullet and start work on his next big project. I have struggled with perfectionism most of my life. Most people would think perfectionism a gift, but really it is more a curse. It was only until recently that I realized that it was holding me back […]