Meet the Contributor: Jennifer N.

Jennifer Neziol is the Public Relations Manager for lululemon athletica with more than 10 years experience in Sports, Marketing and Health PR. Prior to joining lululemon, Jen was the Communications Manager for CBC Sports and worked at several PR firms in Toronto. Jen also worked as an NCAA Division I Strength and Conditioning Coach at Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech before embarking on her PR career. She has her Masters Degree in Exercise Science and Sports Studies from Miami University (Ohio), a BA from the University of Guelph and a post-graduate certificate in Public Relations from Humber College. She is an avid runner and sports fan, and loves to shop, travel and write.

how jen took on the new york marathon

Our PR Manager Jen is back from New York to share her experience at the NY Marathon. Grab your weekend coffee and read about her adventure. If you missed her first entry, read this first! In my pre-race blog last week, I said that you learn a lot about yourself when you train for a […]

coconut water: is it just a fad?

Whenever I hear anything related to the tropics, my ears immediately perk up. I love the beach, bananas – and yes – coconuts. I also love exercising and keeping up on the latest in health and nutrition. So coconut water has really caught my attention. There’s a big buzz about this beverage – there are […]

to cleanse or not to cleanse?

Last month, a few colleagues did the 12-day Wild Rose Cleanse. The reviews poured in: “I feel fantastic.“ “This cleanse has changed my life.” And the one that really got my attention: “I’ll never put milk in my coffee again!”. Coffee with milk is what gets me out of bed each morning, so I had […]