Meet the Contributor: Jocelyn

Job Title: Key Leader (San Francisco)

Jocelyn Lee currently lives in Berkeley, CA with her husband. Her schooling background is in communication studies and theater arts dance.

Her hobbies in the Bay Area are dancing part time professionally, trend hunting and blogging.

She delights in seeing people and organizations grow and is thrilled to be part of the lululemon online community.

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our culture on wheels

Meet Andrea, Elizabeth and our new lululemon love van! They had the great opportunity to bring the love van to its new home in California. Get ready to see the van pop up near you! Andrea and Elizabeth doing dancer’s pose. Proudly driven down from Portland to San Francisco by Andrea Hehr and Elizabeth Brotz, […]

eating my way through albania

I knew my trip to Albania would include large amounts of food, but not in such long and steady intervals. Eating is such an organized sport in Albania that there is a specific way to practice it. Begin with chatter and a form of appetizer stimulant, such as grappa. Go through an hour of eating […]

how to work the work it one piece

Jocelyn shows three ways (of many) to work the Work It One Piece.

turning tricks

Heels and exercising: together at last?

the wanderlust festival

What is the Wanderlust Festival? It’s a yoga / nature / music summer getaway. The yoga and music experience will emerge this summer in Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe, California. From July 24-26 this innovative festival will bring together rock star yoga teachers and current top performers in rock and roll. What could be a more […]

love your body

My sisters and I share the same parents but we have our own bodies. I may be able to get into the splits and hold a gnarly headstand, but when it comes to endurance activities, all three of my sisters can pass me in a heartbeat. My friend Jessica commented while I was feeling left […]

hiking yoga: step off your mat

Getting down and dirty in yoga class is admirable – getting off your mat and practicing outdoors is extraordinary. Taking yoga outdoors stimulates the senses and heightens physical awareness. I have found hiking yoga to be one of the most invigorating and spiritual activities. Without breath, you are not doing yoga. So why not breathe […]

team lemon runs bay to breakers

Above: The Team Lemon crew is decked out in Mac and Cheese yellow! Bay to Breakers annual 12km race in San Francisco is more than just running, it is pure San Francisco fun loving time with ten thousand-plus participants. This year the lululemon athletica northern California region, Team Lemon, participated in this ninety-eight year old […]

how to tune up your spine

How to tune up sore muscles, work out back kinks, and engage your core at the same time.

public space is dance space

A dance movement that is taking back public space!