Meet the Contributor: Jocelyn

Job Title: Key Leader (San Francisco)

Jocelyn Lee currently lives in Berkeley, CA with her husband. Her schooling background is in communication studies and theater arts dance.

Her hobbies in the Bay Area are dancing part time professionally, trend hunting and blogging.

She delights in seeing people and organizations grow and is thrilled to be part of the lululemon online community.

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contact dance: better than sex?

Movers, dancers and those wanting to touch each other without sexual ties are forming contact dance improvisation communities around the globe. Contact improvisation is categorized as social dance, as anyone can participate. Choreographers and teachers also use this work to create organic movement phrases. Rather than forcing a kick or turn, the outcome of weight […]

get your nude on: podcast yoga

Digital yoga classes are growing as the yoga community around the globe multiplies. This fitness innovation extends yoga access to homebodies and gurus in remote locations. Traveling yoga enthusiasts can even drop their mats in hotel rooms with their computers and work up a sweat. Les Leventhal, a former lululemon athletica yoga ambassador, recently created […]