Meet the Contributor: Johanna

Going on 7 years at lululemon I can confidently say I love my life and rocking out around the US supporting in our new store openings. Whether it’s on my yoga mat, on my bike, in a Crossfit box or running with my dog, my happiest place is found when I’m sweating to great music with peers, friends and even strangers. The only thing that makes me happier is the post endorphin hit conversations over almond milk lattes inspiring goal setting and dream chasing for everyone to live a life they love!

ignite your fire

Often we let fear of failure, judgment and worst of all, our own ego stand in the way of “living the dream”. Those thoughts can trump possible happiness, success and living a life you love – but why? Meet Atlanta’s Howell Mill Ambassador, Neda Honarver, and read about her journey to the dream life. how […]