Meet the Contributor: Katie

my name is katie, and i’m rocking the design world as the lead designer for accessories. it’s my mission in life to transform lives one bag at a time.

11 little known facts about me:
(except #3, #5, #8 aren’t so secret)

1. i go through on average, 3 outfit changes per morning
2. i’m horrible at remembering movie titles, famous quotes, and people’s names
3. patience is a virtue…that i don’t have, but i’m trying really, really hard
4. i find newspapers nostalgic
5. tote over dufel
6. grey is a color
7. if i had a million dollars the first thing i’d buy is a YSL muse bag
8. i suck at swimming–don’t throw me overboard
9. i love yoga and will never say no to a class…unless it’s hatha or yin
10. i listen to bad hip hop music while working
11. i hate even numbers

munich & paris, if you please

We adore our designers. The team recently left the office behind and “worked” in Europe for a week. (Tragic, right?) We asked Katie, our accessories designer, if we could tag along. (She mentioned luon and a faux-fur vest in the same sentence. Ooh la la.)

inside the mind of a designer

The question I hear most often as a designer (right after ‘Where’d you get those shoes?’) is: ‘Where do you come up with all your ideas?’ I suppose from an outside point of view, the design process appears to be a mystery, with new product arriving in stores week after week. It’s actually a continuous […]