Meet the Contributor: Kelsey

Current Role: Alumni Educator at the GEC

Originally from the East, I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, endured the terrible winters and the scorching summers, and by the time university came around, I decided that the West would be best!

I went to school at the University of Calgary and studied Dance for four years. I kind of like to dance…Kidding, I love it! I enjoy everything from the history, to the kinesthetics, to the performance aspect.

Recently I have been diving into yoga and like how it supports so many aspects of my life. It also makes me feel fantastic.

Other things that I think are fantastic: going to the Vancouver beaches, visiting home, friends, dancing recklessly, dancing in the streets, frolicking in the park (refer to my blog on the Super Sweat One’R), Greece, Paris, peanut butter, listening to classics like Led Zeppelin, hip hop, coffee dates, the Vancouver library, funky earrings, sweat pants, napping, Granville Island, sandwiches, making new friends, bubble baths and yoga of all kinds.

When not yoga-ing out, I used to work at the Guest Education Centre. I love the lululemon culture because I get to come into work, hang out with fab people, and am here for guests who have any inquiries about our company and product. I also write about products for dance, which is why I couldn’t think of anything better to do with my day.

why we love the super sweat one

Dancers rejoice! Our version of the little black dress has arrived!! Dancers spend hours upon hours focusing and critiquing their lines in the mirror. Naturally, they’ll want to sport clothing that fits the lines of their bodies. So what do I suggest, you may ask? The Super Sweat One’R! When dancing in the studio or […]