Meet the Contributor: Kirsten

Job Title: Community Project Manager

In a nutshell, Kirsten’s job is to make fun stuff happen. Her focus is on creative, community outreach for the U.S. and Canadian Markets.

A dedicated yoga practitioner, Kirsten is training for 3 triathlons this summer. She is based in San Diego, CA.

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exercise breakthrough moment

Exercise breakthrough moment: I can run in just a sports bra. I never run in just a sports bra. On a rare occasion, I will whip off my tank top mid-run, but only if I’m really hot and sweaty. It doesn’t matter if I’m in peak condition or playing around with a few extra pounds. […]

one triathlon down, two to go

Thoughts that go through your head during a triathlon.

foods to keep you fueled up

When you’re training for a triathlon, what should you eat? Kirsten shares what she’s learned about eating for athletes.

all in a day’s work

As community project manager for lululemon, I bop around different stores and events hanging out with amazing people far and wide. In essence, I get paid to spend time with my lululemon friends, make new friends with athletes, yogis and people changing the world for better and staying in shape. It’s pretty much the greatest […]

a yogi in a triathlete’s world

What happens when a yogi turns into a triathlete?