Meet the Contributor: Kristina

Job Title: Social Innovation Manager
Kristina leads innovation projects for mobile, web, and tablet initatives. She manages emerging projects and digital strategic relations.

Her favorite way to sweat is a hot vinyasa class. She loves to run, take a spinning or circuit class, and try new workouts. She also highly enjoys coffee, avocado rolls, and travelling.

zite puts inspiration at our fingertips

We’re constantly searching online for different blogs and articles to help inspire and motivate us. All that information can be overwhelming and sometimes surfing the net for ultra-marathon training tips can take longer than actually running the ultra-marathon. We wanted a way to track down all that information (from challenging workouts to new recipes) without […]

staying fit with a busy schedule

Life moves fast in the digital lane, especially for Kristina Simmons, our Manager of Social Media. Don’t be fooled. She stands five feet (OK, 5′o.5″) tall but she has giant goals. (Like her BHAG to attend the ever amazing annual celebration of music, film and all things interactive - SXSW. She’s going, alright – as a presenter, no less. ) No matter how busy life gets, […]

fitness trends: booty slide!

Looking for a fun new workout? Try Booty Slide: a combo of yoga, pilates, and slide training.

barefoot in the park

Here at lululemon we love bringing our guests in the store a great experience by providing them with amazing fitness classes and more. The question is: how can we bring that lululemon experience to our online guests? I decided we should challenge our tech-savvy crowd to get active in REAL time by bringing the virtual […]

the solution to slipping on your mat

Yogitoes can help prevent dangerous slip sliding around on your mat.

our annual report video for 2008

Chip Wilson, Christine Day, and John Currie talk about the past year at lululemon and the future strategy for the company.   Get nerdy with the financial information and see what we are up to in the community.  The amazing people here speak about what lululemon is to them. lululemon is greatness, athletics, challenges, powerful, rad, dynamic, life changing, possibility. What […]

the power of other people

When you feel like giving up, draw strength from people around you.