Meet the Contributor: Kristine

I am an alumni educator at the lululemon Robson Street store in Vancouver, BC. My duties included administrating our store’s facebook page, and creating our store’s weekly product notification emails.

Before this: I lived and worked in Japan for three years, teaching English in a small city north of Tokyo. Before that I got my Bachelor of Arts in English and Japanese at the University of Alberta, and before that, I was a professional ballet dancer with Alberta Ballet and the Banff Festival Ballet.

Favorite thing about working with lululemon: I love the fact that our products aren’t just great in and of themselves, but that they serve to promote a larger culture dedicated to health, well-being, and working to achieve one’s personal best. I also love the cheerful and supportive attitudes of the people I work with. Lastly, at what other job would I be encouraged to do yoga and ballet in the front window of the store?

Favorite way to sweat: Running up and down the hills in my neighborhood, ballet, and hot yoga.

Guilty pleasure: Puttering around on the internet until 2 o’clock in the morning, Starbucks, and cereal. My fiancé says that I consume more cereal than anyone he’s ever met.

Inspiration: My mother and my fiancé, opportunity coming knocking at my door, good books, Vancouver’s landscape, and I’ll admit it – caffeine.

Goal or BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal): 1) To be junk-food-free for one year by August 21st, 2010. 2) To be student-debt-free by Spring, 2011. 3) To be able to support myself solely on my writing/art-making abilities by 2014.

Personal motto: In Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, the wisest man in the world bids a boy seeking the secret to happiness to admire all the splendors of a castle while at the same time carrying a spoon holding two drops of oil. Each time the boy fails, either focusing so hard on not spilling the oil that he observes nothing of the castle, or observing the castle so thoroughly that he forgets the spoon and spills the oil. In response, the wise man advises him that the secret to happiness is being able to admire all of the splendors of the world, while not forgetting about the drops of oil on the spoon.

fall down nine times, get up ten

I fell while running one time. I’m not a person who falls very often, even when negotiating icy sidewalks, but I fell in spite of the fact that spring had melted away all of the ice, leaving just the crumbly gravel and asphalt.

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