Meet the Contributor: Lara

Job Title: Alumni Educator at our Rideau Centre store in Ottawa

Lara Skibinski (Wong) was a choir geek and non-athlete in a previous life. I actually was known to hide in the woods during gym class. Shortly after moving to Vancouver in 2002 I bought a pair of boogie crops and a new life as active living junkie began.

Since then I have introduced my lululemon gear to everything including rowing, commuting and spin classes, grouse grinding, yoga, running, wall climbing, burlesque and more – amazingly those pants are still holding up 7 years later.

Recently, I moved back east to Ottawa where I was an educator at the Rideau Centre lululemon store. What I loved most about my job at lululemon is that I get to meet amazing people and help them discover products to help them achieve healthy goals they had never thought possible. EVERY DAY!

Just a few of my favourite things include: double Americanos with cream, running fast into the wind, mountain tops, our National Anthem, a perfectly balanced boat and hanging out with my new husband Anthony.

the next level

Lara challenges herself and gets into a headstand for the first time. Tonight was a landmark in my yoga practise. I got into a headstand for the first time on my SECOND try. On my FIRST try I enthusiastically flung my sweaty legs into the air. While they made it up to my intended vertical […]

fall(ing) for reversibility!

Above: Rideau Centre Assistant Manager Danielle Beland Models the Start it Up Jacket! The idea of “two looks in one” is hardly a new one for lululemon athletica. Anyone that has worn a pair of Groove Pants has been enjoying double the stylish active-wear pleasure for years. For Fall 2009 our design team created a […]

put your goals out there.

Above: Alex in her new pair of perfectly fitting Groove Pants.  I recently had a guest experience that has impacted me on so many levels that I had to share it. A young woman named Alex and her little sister were in the changing room having the little sister’s pants hemmed. Alex was trying on […]

life lessons from my dad

1. You can always do another chin up if you set your mind to it. 2. Being aware in the moment will keep you safe. 3. Be passionate in life, food, health and love. 4. Treat travelers to your city like long-lost friends because they will quickly become friends and you will then have new […]

enhancing your workouts with luxtreme

Above: MelEesa, our Men’s Designer, test drives some of our luxtreme items in the park near our office. If you’ve ever gone shopping for athletic wear, you have likely come face to face with the words “technical fabric”. Have you ever wondered what this means and how it can enhance your workouts? The term “technical […]

savasana wrap: a blankie for grown ups?

Above: Abbey is wearing the Savasana Wrap in the colour combination Ivory / Vancouver. When I was a little girl rarely was I seen without my “blankie” in tow. Not only was it a soft and cuddly security blanket that kept the boogie man away at night, but it was a multipurpose piece of gear […]

athletic deep v: fit session

Confused about the Athletic Deep V? Lara gives us tips about how to rock it.

how to know you’ve found your groove (pant)

You know the Groove Pant – the iconic black stretchy pant with the flattering waistbands that comes in pretty colours and makes all our butts look so good! To some, the idea of wearing tight pants is as appealing as being the 40 Year Old Virgin getting his chest waxed (If you’ve never seen this […]