Meet the Contributor: Lauren

Job Title: Assistant Manager at lululemon athletica Corte Madera.

Lauren’s passion for fitness and social media led her to her position as Key Leader, focusing on community, at the Carlsbad Forum (San Diego) lululemon athletica store.

A novice triathlete and experienced runner who just recently started using a Garmin (!) and heads the store’s run club, Lauren has decided to become a “real” cyclist, and will ride her first century later this year.

A fervent music fan (U2 and Bruce top her play lists) and ice cream aficionado, Lauren motivates herself through the tough work-outs by checking out new tunes during her training and rewards herself with frozen yogurt at the end.

the 100.1 mile ride

Todd, Rachelle and Lauren about to ride 100 miles. When I started working at lululemon in August 2008, I decided to challenge myself by setting the goal to cycle a century ride (100 miles) in 2009. Thankfully, my fellow Carlsbad Forum store key leader Rachelle Morton was interested in training with me. A two-time Ironwoman, […]

why we love this: slipless headband

Stop the mania. The this-is-not-the-right-head-band-for-me mania! Do you have slick hair? An odd-shaped head? Bangs? A mild case of generalized anxiety disorder and an empty pocketbook from testing every kind of headband out there, only to be left with a general feeling of malaise from constant slippage? Look no further than the Slipless Headband, made […]

who do you see in the mirror?

It wasn’t me that I expected to change and inspire when we created “Love Your Body” month at the Carlsbad Forum store. We created a recent store window display to educate on body dysmorphic disorder, running rampant in fit rooms across America, especially in our community. Jacquie and Kenna created a story showing a fit […]

how to pick the right race

How to find the right race for you. Step one: conquer your head games.

spinning and cycling in lululemon

When I started wearing lululemon clothes, I thought of them as mostly running and yoga apparel. Since beginning working here last year – low and behold – I have discovered some gems for cycling wear. The run line is an ideal match for spinners and cyclers. The moisture-wicking, flat-seemed garments often include either Silverescent (anti-stink/anti-static) […]

men’s run shorts – a comparison

Looking for an all-sport short that functions for running, gyming, hot-yogaing and strength training? Okay, guys. We get it. More than two options between shorts and you’re ready to ditch the drama. Here’s a break-down of the RUN:Response Short, Reflex Short and Interval Short into standards you can handle with need-to-know fit and function features. Pop […]

run shorts – a comparison

You asked for it, and here it is a side-by-side comparison of our run shorts. No matter which shorts you choose, each of the Run:Speed Short, Groovy Run Short and Run:Punya Short are set up with the following features: Flat seaming for a chafeless run Inner liner for a line-free bum Zippered pocket so you […]

missing yoga

I’m a runner, not a yogi, so I never thought I would feel a void for my yoga practice. I brought yoga into my life when I started training for my first triathlon in 2007, and it became a vital addition to my exercise regime when I was training for my first half marathon later […]

knocking out “i’m too busy”

Why you should stop saying “I’m too busy” and how to make time to work out.

post-triathlon: we did it!

Seven of the lululemon Carlsbad Forum crew (including Kirsten, who we consider part of our store) completed our first triathlon of the season – and did amazingly well! Meredith, Cristina and Sherry came in second in the relay, Rachelle is 5 of 12 races (1 per month) through her fitness goal for 2009, Kirsten is […]