Meet the Contributor: lululemon ambassador - Jaime Komer

london recap

To wrap up her London experience, our ambassador Jaime shares the top ways she stayed balanced as she cheered and yoga-ed her way through the 2012 Games. Don’t you just love what the cool global sporting event is all about? Whether we have any affiliation with a team or not, we can’t help but get […]

highlights from the sidelines

Cheering on hardcore athletes could almost be considered a professional sport in itself. Here are some of Jaime’s highlights from her past four days exploring the Cool Global Sporting Event currently happening in the capital of Great Britain. highlights from the sidelines After an intense weekend of opening ceremonies and cheering on our ambassadors at […]

london calling

An athlete at heart, yogi by practice and traveller by nature, our ambassador, Jaime Komer, is heading to London to share her experience at the ‘Cool Global Sporting Event’ that that takes place every four years. Meet Jaime and get a taste of what to expect from her over the next couple of weeks! from athlete […]

the dream after the olympic one

photo by Jeff Farsai It’s a dream that anyone who has ever fallen in love with a sport has most likely contemplated at one point or another. For some athletes, representing their country at the Games is a measure of knowing they’ve made it. Olympic silver medalist and Fashion Island ambassador Jaime Komer, talks about […]