Meet the Contributor: Melissa

Job Title: Manager of the lululemon lab and Alumni Intimates Designer, aka Chief TaTa Tamer (TTT for short)
Likes: Led Zeppelin, Alexander McQueen, Thomas Crowne, schnoodles, hosting Sunday morning brunch, raspberries, pancakes, European destinations,  Miu Miu, Lula magazine, wonder unders, crown molding and baseboards, running, fresh flowers, black and white pictures, Dutch style bicycles,  Harry Potter, vintage Singers, red wine, fresh sheets, blogging, book club, curling, cheap flights to Toronto, Peacock feathers,  candles, antique tea cups, The Beatles, fresh figs, and Party Dresses.
Dislikes: Peas, Lady GaGa (I’m sure she’s a very nice girl, but I’m not a fan of her ‘music’), The movie ‘Baby Mama’ (2 hours of my life I can’t get back), Christian Audigier designs, shell necklaces, soggy cereal, cleaning my apartment, the cancellation of Domino Magazine,  how fabulous shoes are always out of my price range, reading books I ‘have’ to read,  waking up early on weekends, beets,  packing my suitcase.
Passions: Raising money for The Weekend To End Breast Cancer (, Designing bras that look fabulous, support properly, and promote the health of breast tissue, Family, Friends, and my dog Crash.
Hero: My mom
BHAG: Oprah talking about one of my bras on her show because she LOVES IT!!

huff n puff vest keeps you toasty

I can hardly wait for Fall to start so I can wear my new Huff n Puff vest outside and NOT get strange looks… As it is, I wear it inside the office when the air conditioning is a wee bit on the chilly side – somehow it’s a little more accepted inside the office […]

the definition of support

Our bra designer (aka Chief Ta Ta Tamer) Melissa (on the right) with MelEesa, also a lululemon designer. In less then 3 days time, I’ll begin a 60km journey through the streets of Vancouver. I’ll be one of a couple of thousand participants in The Weekend To End Breast Cancer which benefits The BC Cancer […]

busty ladies rejoice: it’s ta ta taming time

Above: Melissa, the designer of the Ta Ta Tamer and author of this blog post, at her desk in our head office in Vancouver, BC.  How exciting that the Ta Ta Tamer is making it’s online debut! I couldn’t be more excited to share this product with our online guests. Let me tell you a little […]

how to measure your inseam

To measure your inseam you’ll need a friend and a measuring tape. (Easy enough, right?) Wearing pants that are fairly fitted or shorts, and standing up straight, take the end of the measuring tape (the 1″ end) and hold it at the top of your inner thigh. (Make sure you’re standing up straight! If you […]

diy: harem pants

The Trend: Harem Pants (think high waist, dropped crotch, tapered ankles… basically a modern version of the [try not to cringe] ‘Hammer Pant’) How to get it: The Jesus Pant, tied at the hem. Have the pants hemmed if you have more than an inch of excess length – keep them long though! Originator: Janine […]

curling with the pros!

If you’ve watched Allison’s profile video, you know that lululemon has an elite ambassador program. This past year, Allison outfitted Team BC (Team Mallett) before they headed off to the Scotties Tournament of Hearts BC Women’s Curling Championship. After their return, they had a thank you party for their family and sponsors and invited lululemon […]

my favourite lululemon piece

Nothing gets me more excited than when I’m working in our stores and I hear about guests falling in love with the TaTa Tamer. It may seem a little self-serving to name the TTT as my favourite piece of lululemon, but how can I not? Any girl who’s ever had to wear two bras just […]