Meet the Contributor: Michelina

recap: instagram takeover

Our Instagram is behind the scenes access to all the fun stuff we’re up to. Whether it’s a group yoga class that one of our stores is hosting, our favourite pre- or post-run smoothie or a sneak peek at a product photo shoot, we share it all on Instagram and last month, we decided to […]

our (stylish) friend jonathan

Have you met our dear friend Jonathan yet? By day, he spends his time at our Cumberland store, educating on the latest and greatest new gear. By night  he snaps photos of runners, yogis and athletes in our Toronto community who not only love to sweat in our gear, but do it with a whole […]

the runners hello!

The runner’s hello.   It is, so far, my favourite discovery about running. It’s the nod, smile or wave you receive from (or dish out to) another runner coming your way. No matter what kilometre you are into your run, it’s a universally understood, silent, ‘hey I think you’re awesome’ from a complete stranger. It’s a reminder […]

change of place, change of perspective

Michelina, a Keyleader at Rideau Centre, was happy unrolling her mat in the back corner of the yoga studio alongside her water bottle and towel. She enjoyed yoga to complement her workout, not necessarily for the big sweat. In her own words, she doesn’t flow (rap music or the vinyasa type) very well. Recently, when she […]