Meet the Contributor: Paula

Current Role: Educator at the GEC

Paula has worked for lululemon athletica for almost 2 years and she is excited to be heading into the final year of her Bachelors Degree in Political Science this September!

Paula is most passionate about travelling, writing, photography and yoga, and hopes to one day create a career which incorporates all of these things! She loves being a part of the online community team because it allows her to experiment with her passions and connect with amazing and inspiring people on such a large scale.

Favourite ways to sweat: hot yoga, biking, skiing, hiking, and playing beach volleyball.

ryan leier: how did i get here?

“I realized the true power of yoga and how it was healing me on a pretty deep level. It wasn’t just healing my body but it was healing my relationships and reconnecting me to something sacred.” – Ryan Leier Epiphanies. Ah-ha moments. Game-changers.  Call them what you want, we have all experienced those pivotal moments […]

you come for the pants, you stay for the people

“You come for the pants, you stay for the people.” If you ask around our office and in our stores, you will quickly find that this statement rings true 99% of the time (the other 1% likely came for the people in the first place). We sat down with Laurel and Carlson at our Store […]

you asked, we answered: run training 101

Rob, our SeaWheeze TackleBox trainer and Emma, our expert nutrition partner at Vega, took over our social channels for a one-hour live Q & A.  We’ve compiled some of the most valuable questions to help you tackle the SeaWheeze half marathon… 3 weeks and counting! tips from our experts Q: Hey Rob – I’m struggling […]

meditate now, tweet later

We love Paula, one of our social media experts, for her ability to capture and share our culture in 140 characters or less (seriously, how do you do it!?). With a job that requires you to be “on” 24/7 and blurs the line between work and play, we asked her to weigh in on where […]

13.1 runners who tweet for 13.1 miles

13.1 runners who tweet for 13.1 miles 1. @RunSoulCycle – Heather Gardner “R U looking to pick up the pace for your #run? Check out the four cardinal rules of speedwork: #runningtips” 2. @ScottJurek – Scott Jurek “Start area of tomorrow’s ‪#SafaricomMarathon Lewa Wildlife Preserve, Kenya w/ @nature_org” 3. @hotbirdrunning – Jessica Green […]

one yoga | ryan leier

You can often find us flowing at One Yoga For The People, a small studio tucked away in Gastown, Vancouver. We caught up with owner, and lululemon ambassador, Ryan Leier to chat about his studio, his lululemon lab collaboration and his favourite books and music. Your studio is called One Yoga for the People. What’s the philosophy behind the name? […]

make time for yoga. no excuses

wan·der·lust: [n.] a strong desire to travel. This pretty much sums up my state of mind about 99% of the time, so when the opportunity to combine, yoga, travel and social media at Wanderlust Festival arose, I was first to volunteer.

top 10 wanderlust must-haves

When our team hit the Wanderlust yoga festival in Bondville, Vermont, last month they had an amazing time (despite the inclement weather). With plenty more summer still to come and lots more Wanderlust, Paula (our Social Media Specialist) put together her list of essentials to get the most out of upcoming yoga festivals.

not for girls

I was inspired to blog about the many conversations I keep overhearing between my boyfriend and his friends. I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard someone say “that’s lululemon?!” when talking about something Justin is wearing. Sometimes I have to bite my tongue, as I want to go off about how “we make […]

what’s in paula’s bag?

What you stuff, cram, stack, or pack in your gym bag says a lot about you. I’m embarking on a 30 day yoga challenge at YYoga and need to make it from home to yoga to work in one presentable and sweat-free piece. Here’s what’s in my bag: 1. Dance: Pulse Wrap – the perfect cool […]