Meet the Contributor: Shawna

I asked a co-worker to describe what it is like to work with me and this was her response:

Working with Shawna is what a sock must feel like going into the washing machine. It’s a giant dance party, everyone’s invited, you’re not really sure what’s ever going on – but when the buzzer goes at the end of the day, somehow everything’s been accomplished and you feel warm and fuzzy.

just let go: bhag accomplished!

Wear only a sports bra to a yoga class, take a photo and post it publicly on the internet for all to see. What was I thinking? One month ago, I wrote a Big Hairy Audacious Goal on a piece of cardboard that said, “I have been featured on in a sports bra by […]

make a connection through yoga

This past Saturday, I did a power yoga class at YYoga with one of my favourite teachers, Danielle. She is fun, quirky, makes yoga challenging, and creates an inviting space that I want to come back to every week. In her class, there are always a few moments where students are pushed beyond their limits, […]

why you should sweat once a day

How do you take the time to listen to your body and sweat? How many times have you seen the line, “Sweat Once a Day”? It’s on our manifesto poster, our reusable shoppers, in our store’s display windows and used daily by people in our company to remind each other to get out there and […]

monthly challenge: travelling lululemon

Your bags are packed, your destination is planned and your camera is fully loaded! Where will you be travelling this summer? Summer is approaching and everyone has traveling goals, can’t wait to soak up the sun, or hop on a plane to see the world. The question is, “what will you be packing?” To us, […]

running tips: ditch the title on the trail

Hitting the seawall and enjoying the sun during my first official run of Spring! My headphones are on, Cool Racerback is ready to wick my sweat, both running shoes are secure, and my eyes are looking at the trail in front of me. After checking all my excuses at the door, I just embarked on my […]

we’re all runners

The lululemon run club comes in all shapes and sizes. Before I ever started running I viewed the activity as an elite sport where the best of the best competed; long lean legs, killer physique and presence that could be on the cover of Runner’s World. Even though I didn’t fit any of the above […]

monthly team building challenge: go team!

The weather is warming up, the nights are staying lighter longer and everyone’s inner competitive edge wants to break out. It’s the time of the year where teams are formed, captains are picked and choosing a team name takes just as much time as picking out a wedding dress. Spring is here and so is […]

monthly challenge: run it out

It’s time to lace up your sneakers, wear your lucky underwear and put the greatest technical product to the test for run season! Our stores, Store Support Centre and even our CEO are hitting the pavement getting ready for upcoming runs. What are we doing around here to track our run goals? We are photo […]

meet our spring/summer colours!

Our new Spring/Summer colours: Sneak peek of some of the freshest colours that will be hitting our men’s line for Spring/Summer. You can shop by colour. Hit the gym or the yoga studio with a splash of colour. Here is a sneak peek of what’s to come during this season. You can shop by colour. Take […]

push your mind, stretch your body

lululemon is best in the world at making technical athletic products to play hard and sweat harder in. Something small that motivates me  within lululemon’s product to run a little farther, stretch a little longer and just smile when I am hitting the gym is the hidden messages within the clothing. It’s something small, but […]