Meet the Contributor: Shawna

I asked a co-worker to describe what it is like to work with me and this was her response:

Working with Shawna is what a sock must feel like going into the washing machine. It’s a giant dance party, everyone’s invited, you’re not really sure what’s ever going on – but when the buzzer goes at the end of the day, somehow everything’s been accomplished and you feel warm and fuzzy.

monthly challenge: balancing

A photo is worth a thousand words and every month we hope to inspire our guests to capture an amazing slice of life through the snap of their lense. We recently asked our guests on Facebook and Twitter for a little inspiriation for our monthly challenge and the theme that came up with quite of […]

is your head in the game?

Do you have your Hockey Helmet ready for this huddle? Red nation domination. Coach Jenna is plotting her next move. Warm ears and warm hearts. Are you ready for a rematch? Get your head in the game. and stand tall. Game on. Which nation will you join? Hockey Helmets for the big game available in […]

sweat once a day: recap

The online community team started 2010 off the right way by challenging ourselves, the company and the world to truly live up to our manifesto’s quote of sweat once a day. We announced the challenge at the beginning of the month and were excited to see who would come along for the ride. The results: everyone […]

meet our favourite hockey team

We would love to introduce to our favourite hockey team in Oliver, British Columbia. Originally called the Oliver Oldtimers, this team renamed themselves the lululemons.  Our lovely Online Community Manager, Carolyn’s dad is on the left in the first row. The team loves the Hockey Helmut and are rocking the blacked out teeth on the ice! […]

sweat once a day

Our online community team has started 2010 off with a sweaty bang. We have made the commitment to sweat once a day and want you to take the challenge with us! Sweat once a day with the online community team. We are running, walking, doing yoga, circuit training, flexing in Daily Method, swimming, and sweating […]

chronic case of bibliophilia

Bibliophilia is our Store Support Centre’s book club. Tanya takes us through their first journey of reading together. Bibliophilia members celebrate the completion of their first read at lululemon’s Store Support Centre. There is so much to gain between the covers of a book. Some teach us about parts of the world we have yet […]

happy holidays!

We want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday! Does this gingerbread house look fimiliar? The Operation Solution team created a mini Store Support Centre! Love, the entire lululemon athletica team

complimentary express shipping

Breathe deeply… your package can still make it! Rebecca gets a surprise package! We are thrilled to offer complimentary express shipping from Dec. 17 to Dec. 22 on This means your package can still make it to your loved ones in time for the 25th!* Remember to breathe deeply. Check the FAQ for the […]

afraid to succeed?

Embrace the good stuff in your life and celebrate with others. You know you want to! One of the quotes from our manifesto is “Do one thing a day that scares you” – and I totally do. I am the first to jump off a cliff into open water, I will show up into a […]

run with matt

In the heart of New York City there is an inspirational man who lets nothing stop him. Matt Long was a New York City firefighter who was struck by a bus and was severely injured with broken bones and internal bleeding. He went on to complete the New York City Marathon, and most recently an […]