Meet the Contributor: Stephanie

Do you hear the sound of tinkling glass? Rolling water bottles? A pile
of neatly folded things toppling to the floor? Chances are I am
somewhere in the area. One of my reasons for taking up yoga was in the hope that it would transform me into a less-clumsy, more graceful
person, and in the process, not only did I learn to rock dancer’s pose,
I somehow got addicted to hot yoga!

I am an educator and member of the visual merchandising team at
Lululemon Robson Street, Vancouver. I’m British by birth, and a
Vancouverite by adoption (I’ll weather any storm the Canucks are going through!). I’m passionate about training for my half-marathon,
snowboarding, and biking in the amazing Pacific Spirit Park. One of my
goals is to pass the top level of the Japanese Proficiency Test by next year!

we see london

Image courtesy of  Keven Law Our amazing global ambassador, Chris Chavez, is in London this week. (No, he didn’t work the runway – he’s teaching workshops at The Life Centre in Islington and evolve wellness centre this weekend.) With the buzz of Fashion Week still ringing in our ears and the 2012 Olympics on the way, […]

find your community

When I moved back to London from Vancouver, despite being a Brit born and bred, I got some of the fiercest culture shock I’ve ever experienced in all my travels. A country girl by nature, and fresh from a year of living by the ocean, with yoga at the heart of most of my days, […]

living the manifesto

“Breathe deeply and appreciate the moment. Living in the moment could be the meaning of life.” I’ll be honest, when I first joined lululemon and read the manifesto, my reaction to this statement was “That’s great, but I already have my list of everything to do today!” Ever wondered if we’ve organized ourselves out of […]

yoga for curling

Curling has been called as tactical as chess, but this dynamic winter sport works not only the mind but also the legs, back and groin muscles. If your day’s been filled with sweeping to victory, Extended Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana) has got your number: this standing pose is a deep chest opener that also stretches and strengthens […]

guerilla yoga 101

As sand squidged between my toes, I made my way into downward dog and caught a great upside-down view of English Bay. Around me friends and brand-new friends let their city stresses go as we laughed off the weather and pointed our toes up into the sky for three-legged dog. Somewhere to my left a flash went off – just a Swedish author, working on a book about Vancouver culture, taking a picture. Welcome to guerilla yoga.