Meet the Contributor: Tiffany

My job at lululemon athletica came out of a little bit of teenage luck. I was only fifteen years old when I sent in my application online at – applying for a job at the store in Oakville, Ontario. I had nothing on my resume other than some occasional summer babysitting. I was so exceptionally excited about the thought of having my very own job, I added an inspired note to the bottom of my application – and that is what sealed the deal for an interview, so I’ve been told. The rest is history. I have been working for the company ever since, and I am currently a keyleader at the store in Kingston, Ontario.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: according to a Facebook application, I have travelled to 14% of the world’s countries; my favourite colour is black (it is a colour); I have 24 Remix lulu Hoodies; I love handwritten notes; and my big hairy audacious goal is to be the CEO of lululemon by February 9, 2024. Watch out Chip!

open for running

Above: Tiffany takes the Run: Flow Thru Dress for a spin! I have to be thoroughly honest with you. I’m not exactly what you would call a ‘hardcore’ runner. When it comes to my running program, the words snow, rain, cold, or anything else unpleasant simply do not have a place. Summer running is where […]

three at heart

Tiffany on what lululemon and a three-year old boy have in common.