Meet the Contributor: Whitney

Current Role: Social Media Specialist

Whitney lives in sunny San Diego, and has dreams to live in Vancouver. She loves to run, she loves hot yoga, and if she’s not writing here, you can find her writing for her personal blog

Personal mantra: Write and create is to breathe and live.

walk like an italian, sweat like an american

I lived in Italy briefly a few years ago, and the one thing I was truly blown away by was the beautiful women. But their beauty was emanating from a different place than just appearance; their beauty was carried in the way they walked, laughed and enjoyed their bodies.

the art hoodie series

We’ve heard over and over again how much you love the Remix Lulu Hoodie. Some of you wanted it to be longer, so we made the Scuba Hoodie. Some of you wanted it to stay the same, and a ton of you wanted it to be unique, fun and new — so we created the […]

road to the half marathon: complete!

The weather could not have been more perfect along the coast of San Diego for my race day. It was cloudy with a light dewy layer that kept me cool and comfortable every step of the way. The first part of the race went slightly down hill, so I booked it, knowing in the back […]

road to the half marathon: race day is here!

This past week I have had the amazing pleasure of hanging out and working out with an amazing group of our ambassadors at the Ambassador Summit. I could not have imagined a better way to spend the week before race day.

salutation nation 2010: oms coast to coast

Looking for Salutation Nation 2011 info? Visit to RSVP to your local event. A few months ago one person from our lululemon family in Washington D.C. set an intention of holding a complimentary outdoor yoga class to be simultaneously held across North America. The goal was to create a shared space for any and […]

why we run

Our company is filled with runners from all shapes, sizes, and varying levels from social joggers to iron men and women. We asked some of them one simple question, why do you run? Here is what they said:

days away from salutation nation!

Our online community team will be practicing here… read on to find out where this is… We cannot wait to see many of you our guests, neighbours and friends outside this coming Saturday morning at 9am for Salutation Nation. We want everyone to enjoy this day, so whether you are attending a location in person […]

road to the half marathon: week 9

My intention for this past week: recommit to my yoga practice and nurture my aching bones. At the end of last week’s training, my bones were really achy and feeling the lack of yoga in my life. I have been so focused on hitting all of my training dates that the way my body felt […]

wanderlust and design with us!

The Wanderlust Festival is a huge celebration of yoga, music, and nature, and takes place July 29 through August 1st this summer in Squaw Valley, California. Imagine some of the worlds’ most celebrated yoga instructors teaching alongside rockstars like Moby, majestically placed in Squaw Valley. If you are heading there this year add it to your bucket list and plan a trip for next year!

runner’s yoga at the san francisco marathon

Hey San Francisco marathoners! Stop by our yoga lounge and join lululemon elite ambassador, Angie Stewart for Runner’s Yoga 90210™ Friday and Saturday at the San Francisco Marathon Expo. what is runner’s yoga 90210? Created by a runner, for runners, Runner’s Yoga 90210™ is specific yoga sequencing to improve speed, stamina, and strength while adding […]